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3 Continents and an Island: Obtiva’s Dave Hoover Travels the Globe in Software Craftsman Journeyman Tour

CHICAGO Jan. 21, 2011 Dave Hoover Obtiva

Ruby on Rails Agile

"This tour will connect me with peers, colleagues, customers, friends and like-minded software development firms and enable us to elevate our learning through shared experiences," Hoover said. "Almost all the destinations on my itinerary are new to me and I’m looking forward to gaining and passing along new insights and awareness. Software craftsmanship and Obtiva’s core values emphasize continual learning, and this tour brings that to life."

On separate portions of the trip, he will be accompanied by his young son and daughter who will serve as camera operator to record his interviews.


Sweden November 2010 Cory Foy Michael " Doc " Norton Got.rb Elabs Gothenburg, Sweden


In January, Hoover will meet, present and pair program with organizations and individuals that include:

  • Edge Case Columbus, Ohio Joe O Brien Matt Yoho
  • NimblePros Cleveland Steve Smith the Code Project
  • LeanDog Cleveland Michael " Doc " Norton Jon Stahl Jeff " Cheezy " Morgan
  • Joe Fiorini Cleveland
  • Entryway Floyd, Virginia Gustin Prudner
  • Relevance Durham, North Carolina Justin Gehtland
  • Role Model Software Raleigh, North Carolina Ken Auer
  • NASA Hampton, Virginia Bil Kleb
  • Brennan Dunn We Are Titans Norfolk InfoEther Reston, Virginia


Rubyfuza Cape Town, South Africa Mad Mimi South Africa

speakerconf Aruba Fred George Michael Feathers


London, England Adewale Oshineye " Apprenticeship Patterns ," London DRW youDevise New Bamboo London

Eden Development Winchester, England

Edinburgh, Scotland Scottish Ruby Conference , Chicago

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