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9 Channel Real Time Color Video Multiplexer

This 9 channel real time video multiplexer, model A0410002, features 50 fields/s in PAL mode and 60 fields/s in NTSC mode, an input of 9 loops BNC, 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω and an output of 1 loop, 1.0 Vp-p75 Ω. For VCR, the input is 1.0 Vp-p75 Ω and the output is BNC 1.0 Vp-p75 Ω/S-VHS. It provides synchronous live, recording, display and playback capability. Alarms are generated for signal loss and motion detection. The alarm duration is programmable from 2 to 999 seconds with 4 seconds default.
Video resolution is adjustable for each channel individually. This multiplexer is compatible with RS232 or RS485 interfaces. Display modes include sequence switch, single picture, PiP, 4 pictures, 8 pictures, 9 pictures, freeze-frame and zoom. This 9 channel real time video multiplexer belongs to GAO’s family of Quad Processor & Video Multiplexer. A more advanced model of this family is GAO DM2116 which is designed to transfer recordings of signals from multiple security cameras into one.
The line also includes GAO 204-01S and GAO 204-01B color video quad processors which are ideal for CCTV applications. The family is useful in video surveillance systems that have complex monitor display requirements. For sales inquiries please contact: 1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada) 1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas
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