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Best Practices for Desktop Optimization

Desktop deployment, management and support are dramatically simplified with virtualization, automation and centralized administration. Frank Johnson delves more to find out how desktop optimization is redefining the very way people work In an era where the significance of flexible and cost effective business operations is increasing everyday, technology has to be used in the optimum way to achieve maximum efficiency. Imagine the benefits that you reap in the following scenarios:

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5 Resolutions for Your Business in 2013

Top Priority for Those Currently Renting Office Space:Seriously Consider Ownership
Almost on a daily basis, news reports detail the marketplace factors that can affect businesses large and small. No matter what the potentially game-changing info coming out of Washington, D.C., or China, though, there are winning strategies that not only endure but should be part of every workplace’s culture, says financial expert and small-business advocate Chris Hurn.

“With some merit, analysts are always reviewing contingencies that may change investments by businesses; most recently, the ‘fiscal cliff.’ But there are many ways to invest in your own business regardless of the economic climate,” says Hurn, author of “The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth: How the Smartest Business Owners Build Their Fortunes,” (

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IT Security Awareness and Training in a Corporate Organization

The organizations today work in highly networked environments and the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information can only be protected if all employees have the basic knowledge of management, operational and technical controls required to protect the IT resources of their organization. Frank Johnson explains the strategies for designing an IT training program in corporate world. With the use of automated systems and advanced software in organizations, business operations and daily tasks have become highly computerized and programmed. The so called ‘manual work’ has considerably reduced.

However, the audit reports, periodicals and conference reports generally show that people are still one of the weakest links in attempts to secure the IT systems and networks. A robust and company wide IT training program is integral to ensure that all employees associated with the organization understand their duties, responsibilities, organizational policies and the secure use of the resources entrusted to them.

A successful IT Training Program comprises:

  • Developing IT security policy that reflects the business requirements tempered by known risks
  • Informing the users of their IT security roles and responsibilities as mentioned in the organization security policy and procedures.
  • Establishing processes to monitor and review the IT security program as per changing needs of organization The IT security program must focus on the entire user population of the organization. IT training is crucial for all departments including Operations, Finance, Administration and HR.

The higher management needs to set an example for appropriate IT security behavior in the company. The awareness program should start with an effort that can be deployed and implemented in different ways and must aim at all hierarchal levels. Designing the IT Awareness and Training Program The IT training has to be planned and designed as per the organization’s mission. The program must support the business needs of the organization and must be relevant to its culture and IT architecture. The model of the program can differ as per the size and geographic dispersion of the organization, the budget allocation and policy and the pre-defined rules and responsibilities of the organization.

The program may be Fully Centralized, Partially Centralized or Fully De-centralized. Let us now examine these three designs in further detail:
A- Fully Centralized IT Training Program – With Centralized Policy, Strategy and Implementation In this model, the responsibility and budget for entire organization’s IT security awareness and training program is entrusted to a central authority. All directives, strategies, development, planning, and scheduling are coordinated through this authority for IT security awareness and training. The central authority conducts needs assessment of different departments to determine the appropriate strategy for the training program. The IT training plan and the actual material for training is also devised by this central authority. For this, it may need to liaise with senior managers or representatives from different departments to cover their specific requirements in the training. They can also provide feedback to the central authority on the efficacy of training material and the relevance of methodology used for training. This helps the authority to fine tune and make required modification in the training material and/or methodologies employed for the program. The centralized approach is good and feasible for organizations that are relatively small and have a high degree of centralized management for most business operations and functions.

B. Partially Centralized IT Training Program - With Centralized Policy and Strategy but Distributed Implementation Under this approach, the policy and strategy for the IT training program are outlined by a central authority but the task of implementation is delegated to the line management officials in the organization. The budget allocation, material development, and scheduling are the responsibilities of these officials. The central authority does communicate the organization’s directives concerning IT security awareness and training, the strategy for conducting the training program, and the budget limits for each organizational unit. The authority also works to analyze and assess the training needs of different units and provides all required guidance to line managers. However, the actual implementation of the program and the responsibility of training staff members in every unit rest with the line management officials.

The central authority can ask for periodic inputs from each organizational unit with reports on training expenditures, the status of unit training plans, and the progress reports on success of implementing the IT awareness and training policies. The central authority may also require the organizational units to report the number of attendees at awareness sessions, the number of people trained on a particular subject, and the number of people yet to attend awareness and training sessions. The partially centralized model for IT Training is appropriate for large organizations that have units and functions spread over a wide geographic area. An organization working for more than one business domain would also have separate IT training requirements in different units and the partially centralized approach can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of those units.

C. Fully Decentralized IT Training Program – With Centralized Policy and Distributed Strategy and Implementation In this model, the central authority only disseminates a basic IT policy and the expectations regarding IT security awareness and training benchmarks in an organization. It is then the responsibility of individual unit heads to execute the entire IT training program in their departments. The need assessment and analysis is done within the organizational units and the strategy for the awareness and training program is also chosen by the unit heads or senior managers. Based on these strategies, they devise their own training material and methodologies which are then deployed in the units to train the staff. The central authority also allocates the budget limit as per the policy, though the appropriate utilization of this budget has to be planned by the different units. Like the other two models, there is a two way communication between the central authority and the individual units and the authority may ask for periodic reports on the budget expenditure and progress of IT training in terms of the number of people trained successfully and the pre-training and post-training difference in level of IT security awareness in the organization.

This approach suits large MNC organizations with decentralized management structure. It can also be followed by organizations with separate and distinct businesses where training needs may differ considerably. To ensure the success of an IT Awareness and Training Program in any organization and optimum utilization of training funds, it is imperative to assess the exact needs of all units. The system administrators and executive managers need to be consulted for this assessment and analysis. Also, it should be remembered IT Training is not a one time requirement. Periodic updates and refreshers through objective E learning tests also need to be arranged for, to ensure that the right IT awareness is always maintained.

About the Author: This article by Frank Johnson is the first in his series on ‘IT Training’. Frank is a regular editorial contributor on technology products and services that helps small to mid size businesses. To know more about IT Training strategies and implementation, you may interact with him here

Making Your Personal Blog Pay Off

There are many people spread out across the Internet that make money on a daily basis with their blog websites. While some of these sites don't bring in quite enough to replace a full-time job, many of them do. It boils down to your content and how it relates to the global community. Getting your own foot in this Internet door isn't as difficult as many may think.

1. Adsense and Affiliates - One of the easiest methods to make money from your blog is to make sure you have an Adsense account linked to it. This is where Google pays you each time one of your visitors clicks on an advertisement. Adding affiliated banners and links within your posts is an added bonus in order to entice visitors to buy something from a company that is related to your content in some fashion.

2. Site Design - A blog doesn't need to be flashy or feature rich. Most people are there to read your content and find information. Even plain websites without flashy graphics can be a success to the masses if it provides accurate and detailed information.

3. Consistency - As your blog could develop a list of subscribers, you need to keep the content flowing. The reason a person has subscribed to your blog is because they liked what they've read already and are looking forward to more. Be regular with your postings and the masses will be happy.

4. Know Your Stuff - For the most part, readers of blogs are looking for information. Although there are many entertaining blog posts on the Internet, it's usually information that drives the traffic. Don't try to bluff your way through a particular subject. Learn the subject matter before you submit your post. Blogs have a little bit of lee-way as opposed to actual website articles. Most of the time, they are built around personal thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. You should still know what you're talking about before tackling a subject, however.

5. SEO Practices - As in any website genre, practicing good search engine optimization will keep visitors coming. This could be in the form of keywords, META descriptions, tags, and relevant content links.

6. Grammar - Having good grammar and spelling skills will help you in any endeavor on the Internet. If you can't explain to your readers what it is you are posting, you will lose their interest. You don't have to be a college graduate by any means. Just brush up on your grammatical skills while you are posting your content on your blog.

7. Carnivals - Joining blog carnivals is a good way to get your website noticed by the masses and create backlinks for SEO practices. Blog carnivals are blogs that are hosted by people who allow others to post content on his or her website. It's a good way to read a diverse collection of writing about a specific niche from various authors.

Success of your blog is determined by how factual or entertaining your blog is to the general public. It's impossible to please everyone 100% of the time, but you can put your best efforts into making the most of your site. Commit yourself to your blog website and it will begin to pay you for your efforts.

Author Bio:Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of .

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10 Great Paid Software Applications

New software applications are often required to add to the functionality of your machines, improve their efficiency, and enhance their security. Frank Johnson lists a few good applications for users of Windows and Mac based systems. If you wonder as to what software and applications would be best for your devices and do not mind shelling out some money for same, here are a few good options that you may like to consider: 1) GoToMyPC – This is a practical application for Window based PCs as well as Mac Notebooks.

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How to Recognize Cyber Fraud

Fraud is a crime in which the criminal deliberately gives someone false information. This is done in the hopes of inducing the person to give him or her money or valuables. In cyber fraud the Internet or a mobile phone is used to accomplish the goal.

There are many variations of cyber fraud.  Three of the most common variants use online auctions, classified ads, and what calls the Grandparent Scam.

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Learn Like It’s Your Job: 18 Portable Skills Every Recent College Graduate Should Have

Today’s college graduates are entering a very challenging job market. Many of them will end up in positions or jobs that weren’t exactly on the radar for their dream career. Smart grads will use this time to develop the portable skills that will help them leap to the top once opportunities start flowing.

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Digiboo Introduces App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
Digiboo (, today announced the availability of its first app for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, giving users quick and convenient on-the-go access to their favorite movies and TV show titles from Digiboo kiosks.

After installing the Digiboo App, available for free on the App StoreSM, users can rent or purchase content from any Digiboo kiosk and download it directly from the app, making it conveniently available anytime, anywhere. Since the Digiboo content is digital-only, with no physical discs to return, titles are always in stock and regularly refreshed.
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ATEN Launches Video Recording Software to Capture Data Center Sessions Accessed Remotely via KVM-Ove
New Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) is Ideal for Trouble-Tracing IT Incidents and Auditing Compliance Initiatives
ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of new software that allows data centers to securely record remote access sessions facilitated through the company's KVM-Over-IP Switches. ATEN's Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) software automatically records a video of the screen display and logs all key strokes and mouse clicks when servers are accessed through KVM-Over-IP Switch ports. Organizations can utilize CCVSR to trouble-trace IT incidents and audit compliance initiatives.
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Social Media Network Helps Remembering Loved Ones, a new startup social media network enables members to preserve their memories and life legacy into the future. MyOwnJourney has transformed the way social media is used by allowing members to catalogue their life’s accomplishments or those of a loved one.

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triCerat Releases New Version of Print Solution w Windows Server 2012 and Win 8
Software developer triCerat, Inc. is releasing ScrewDrivers® v4.7 software, a new version of the revolutionary print management technology.
ScrewDrivers® v4.7 offers support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, providing compatibility with the latest servers and operating systems on the market. Additional printing enhancements improve print speed and performance, which in turn increases work productivity and overall user satisfaction.

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WinePoynt Presents Featured Wines Based on Compatibility
WinePoynt today announced the app’s latest Android release, which gives users access to a new “featured wine” widget on the users home page. In order to increase the chances that users will enjoy the featured wine displayed on their home page, WinePoynt created the widget so that only wines with the highest WinePoynt rating to the user will be listed.  Multiple featured wines will be chosen by WinePoynt each week, to be displayed on user home pages.

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