Sunday Apr 20, 2014
Samsung Releases Onvelop on Samsung Apps for Its Enterprise Customers in an Exclusive Deal with Agreeya Mobility for Android Devices
Samsung Electronics and AgreeYa Mobility have announced the launch of Onvelop, a unified collaboration and communication platform. Onvelop enables enterprises to connect with Microsoft SharePoint and Lync/OCS by integrating the two on mobile devices with a patented and unique user experience. Onvelop also enables other enterprise use cases like print and remote desktop for enterprise users.

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Mobile Epiphany Releases iOS Version of Touch Mobile
Mobile Epiphany is proud to announce that Touch Mobile version 4.2 is now available. This release includes the highly anticipated compatibility with the iPhone and iPad. Companies that want to mobilize their business processes utilizing Mobile Epiphany software can now perform inspections and view their data in real time from their iOS devices.

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Free Forum Hosting Giant Offering Trial of Radical New Forum Software Ahead of Scheduled Release
The BetaZone site will offer the internet community a look at how the next generation of online social communities will function and allow them to experience the first significant evolution in message board software in many years. By visiting, guests can create a brand new BetaZone test forum or launch a copy of their existing ProBoards forum.

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Turn Your Holiday Party Into a Career-Boosting Event--Build Relationships & Avoid Trouble
Ending the Holiday Party Blues: How to Use Power Questions to Turn Your Office Holiday Party into a Career-Boosting Event
Talk too much about yourself or have too many cocktails, and the office holiday party can turn into a missed opportunity if not a disaster. It doesn’t have to be that
way, says Andrew Sobel. Go in armed with a few power questions, and you can leave the party having created and strengthened key relationships.

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Three tips to push your company to the top of a Google search without touching code

The landscape of the web is the equivalent of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan or Yorkville Avenue in Toronto.
There is no more-valuable online real estate than the top of the first page of search results netted by a query on Google.

Landing your company on the top of the heap in a Google search takes a bit of careful planning and some forethought, but that doesn’t mean you have to become an expert at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or computer code, says Scott Wilson, founder and CEO of, a Burlington, Ont.-based internet marketing and SEO firm.

“Research shows us time and time again that the vast majority of people simply can’t be bothered to dig any further than the first page of results on a Google search,” Wilson says. “That’s what makes it so important to follow a few relatively easy strategies to improve your website’s Google ranking and push yourself to the top of search results.”

Wilson recommends the following three tactics to dominate a Google search:
·         Create a Google+ Profile

Create profiles on Google+ (Google’s social networking and identity service) for owners, managers and other key members of your company. This tells prospective clients you stand behind your work. It also establishes the groundwork for developing positive relationships and builds credibility with your audience.  Google has updated its algorithm to reward websites that are integrated with Google+ because you are adding a human element of trust and transparency when you put a face and a name associated with your website. Including photos of profile members has proven to increase click-through rates on natural organic search engine optimization campaigns, especially when rival websites do not display a photo.

·         Optimize Content

Your landing page needs to describe your company and the goods and services you provide in 350 to 500 words of compelling and informative text. Repeat specific key words as descriptors to trigger Google’s search capabilities, but only use them a maximum of 9 to 12 times — using them more than 20 times could incur a penalty from Google. In addition to adding your main keyword, also add supporting keywords that are strongly related to your main keyword — called latent semantically related keywords — and insert them once or twice. For example if your root word is “Hotel,” a keyword with a strong latent semantic relationship is “Accommodation.”

·         Draw on your business relationships
Receiving positive links pointing to your website that come from companies you do business with are rewarded by Google. These quality links build your website’s trustworthiness and improve your ranking on a Google search. Reach out to everyone you are currently doing business with and ask them for a link. The best links come from their home pages or one of their main navigation pages. Links that are deeply buried in their websites or links which come from a “links” page on their website are less trusted by Google.

Attaining links from unknown sources, purchasing links from offshore providers or gaining links through low quality online PR campaigns will now result in a Google penalty being applied to your website. Google used to ignore bad links but under the latest algorithmic updates this year, Google now applies significant penalties to websites that have bad links. This can completely eliminate your online lead generation. Does your website have bad links? Are you being penalized by Google? Good news — in October 2012 Google launched a new service called the “Disavow Links Tool.” This empowers you to disassociate your website with bad links that point to you. Using this tool can save or resurrect penalized websites by eliminating the skeletons in your closet.

“With about three billion online searches being executed on the web every day and over a trillion individual web pages to sort through, it’s critically important for companies to put their websites in the right position to reach the top. These simple strategies will help and you won’t need a computer science degree to follow them,” Wilson says.

About out of Burlington, Ontario, was formed in 2004 under the parent company eMotion Picture Studios. The firm of 20 identifies Internet opportunities, builds SEO optimized web sites, runs Google AdWords campaigns, optimizes Google Places & Google+, writes and shoots internet marketing & training videos and provides a wide range of other new era internet services for clients like Apple, Pepsi, Gerber, Siemens, Cadbury, Jack Astor’s, Speedy, 1800GOTJUNK and more.

For more information, please contact:
Stephen Murdoch
Vice President, Public Relations
63 Church Street | Suite 503 | St. Catharines, ON, Canada | L2R 3C4
Direct: 905.346.1232 C: 289.241.3997 F: 905.682.7481
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bio:Scott Wilson is the leading web sales and marketing expert using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). PROFIT magazine ranks him as an essential speaker and resource for the CEOs of the fastest growing companies. His dynamic presentations provide practical, proven strategies for increasing sales and winning new customers, all in a highly cost-effective way. His strategies are unique, because of his focus on the financial pay-back of web sales. By drawing lessons based on scientific experimentation and from fascinating real-world examples, he educates decision makers and the medai. His captivating presentations are designed to empower audiences with the necessary knowledge to make the best business decisions utilizing proven strategies.

American Sentinel University Announces Two New Master's-level Geospatial Programs
Programs Provide Fundamental Skills for Career Preparedness in the 21st Century – Geospatial strategy and analysis are becoming essential for organizational problem-solving within many professions from government to business to health and human services. The demand is higher than ever for educated professionals who can apply geospatial concepts and insights to strategic development and decision-making.

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ITR Mobility’s iFactr Extension to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Eases Cross-Platform Mobile App Development for Microsoft-Focused Enterprises
Visual Studio 2012 featured launch partner enables mobile business apps written in a single .NET code base to integrate with back-end data and run on any modern mobile device . ITR Mobility and its iFactr enterprise cross-platform mobile development framework will be featured by Microsoft Corp. at today’s launch of Visual Studio 2012. iFactr gives software developers the ability to create enterprise mobile applications for the Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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HTC Android 4G LTE – Young Generation’s Preference

Have you been aware of the technological development across the world of gadgets and mobile devices? Mobile phones have been developing at a very fast pace. A lot of mobile devices have emerged in the tech world in the recent past. Very recently, HTC Android 4G LTE will make its entrance into the mobile genre. This newest mobile gadget is soon to grab the attention of the young audience.

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CruiseCompete celebrates 9th anniversary: Named among top websites by Travel + Leisure magazine
Why do some Web companies succeed beyond wildest expectations? One such company is CruiseCompete, which this month celebrates its ninth anniversary by being listed on Travel + Leisure magazine’s “Top 60 Best Apps and Websites for Travelers.” According to co-founder CEO Bob Levinstein the numbers speak for themselves, with CruiseCompete providing cruise travelers with over 10 million competitive quotes from the country’s top cruise travel aggregators since its launch in 2003.

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Wayne Brady Makes a Deal as Co-Owner of Yowza!!
Emmy Award-Winning Comedian Takes a Lead Role in Mobile Coupon App
Famed comedian Wayne Brady makes a deal with mobile couponing app, Yowza!!, signing on as Co-Owner alongside Heroes star, Greg Grunberg.  The free app, which delivers real-time, GPS-based mobile coupons directly to users' smartphones, was developed in an effort to update the paper coupon to current times.  Brady loved the idea so much he decided to partner up as Co-Owner to the company, aiding in promotion as the featured company spokesperson.

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Green Building Councils From Around the Globe Celebrate World Green Building Week
USGBC highlights the role of green buildings in safeguarding communities and the next generation.The green building community is celebrating World Green Building Week with events around the globe that shine a spotlight on the key role of buildings in conserving resources, saving money and creating jobs while providing healthier places to live, learn, work and play. Organized by the World Green Building Council, the week has united 90 nations representing more than 20,000 organizations as they hold conferences, tours, educational events and gatherings that celebrate this year's theme, "Green Buildings for Great Communities."

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ZSL Brings Mobility and Cloud Enablement to the Enterprise with IBM WorkLight Technologies, IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise and IBM WebSphere Cast Iron
emerging technologies and is among the first IBM partners to extend its mobile suite, SmartPrise Mobile Power, to the IBM Worklight platform. This enables ZSL customers to expedite development of HTML5, Hybrid and Native mobile business applications on multiple platforms, ultimately taking the solutions to market faster at a reduced cost due to maximized code re-use and per device optimizations. With its SmartPrise Mobile Power Suite, ZSL helps customers develop, extend and access business applications through iOS, Android, RIM and Windows mobile devices via cloud, on-premise or SaaS-based environments. ZSL’s SmartPrise Cloud suite offerings include Cloud Enablement and Management Platforms for IBM Smart Cloud
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