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    BOSTON July 13, 2011



    X-USB PRO is the first product to offer MiMEQ (Multi-pole Mirror EQ) cable compensation, which allows the user to precisely model a specific cable against cable type and cable length. All copper cable has a natural attenuation curve which causes the strength of a signal to degrade over distance; by precisely modelling and mirroring the unique attenuation of almost any cable, Adder achieves the best analogue video quality possible for any extender of this type.

    X-USB PRO is also the first Adder point-to-point KVM extender to deliver transparent USB at such high distances. Previous generations of KVM extender have been limited to about one third of this distance, held back in general by the technical demands of USB. X-USB PRO delivers a real innovation hit for Adder, combining advanced USB technologies with MiMEQ video compensation and crystal-clear stereo audio to deliver a true reference-grade, professional product.

    The choice to deliver transparent USB with this product means the user is not limited by emulation technologies. Instead, the USB signal is passed without any change or re-interpretation, meaning that the product can be used with any USB device, including isochronous devices such as webcams or audio. Every X-USB PRO system also features a local feed through at the transmission end giving the user a choice of locations to work from, or allowing for a multi-user system scenario.

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