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Microsoft customer satisfaction survey – please participate

I’ve been asked by Microsoft to survey the community about customer satisfaction. I’ll be sharing my findings with the Top 150 MSFT execs at an internal summit in Fort Lauderdale on September 18th. So I would really apprecaite you taking a few minutes to tell me what you think. Be honest, respectful and tell me what you think! I [Read More...]

Top 10 Tips for Outlook

As a personal information manager from Microsoft, Outlook is available both as a separate application as also a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The latest versions of this application are Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac. Frank Johnson offers a few tips to those who wish to maximize their efficiency by making the most of MS Outlook features.

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Planning and Implementing an Enterprise-Wide Migration

Deploying a new version of Microsoft Office can be a daunting task for many enterprises. The first, and most vital, step in this process is proper planning. The planning process should include the following steps: discovering all of your Office files, defining the scope of your migration project, copying files to a migration lab, scanning/converting, testing, deploying the converted files and deploying Office 2010.

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How to insert Flash Video into PowerPoint2007?

Step-by-step illustrations to show you how to insert Flash Video(Youtube, Myspace and so on) to PowerPoint?

FLV is the abbreviation of Flash Live Video, It is a format designed for web video playback that offers high rates of compression and produces high quality video. Now, more and more people download their favorite FLV files from YouTube and other video sharing websites and want to insert them into PowerPoint to make a good presentation.

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Benefits of latest Microsoft Certification courses

We know that you worked hard to earn your credential. Now it is time to display your skills and knowledge and join the Microsoft Certified Professional training

EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, WHEN THINGS aren't going quite to plan and your computer chooses the worst possible moment to crash, it's easy to feel sorry for yourself. I was doing exactly that last week, wallowing in a lake of self-pity after losing a morning's work. But after talking to Andrew Mason, the recent recipient of Cisco's Networking Academy student of the year award, I very quickly snapped out of it.

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How SBS 2008 Will Save The World!

There is good news right around the corner. Somewhere in the middle of summer, Microsoft will release a long-awaited update to its popular Windows Small Business Server product, known affectionately as SBS 2008.

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Return of Big BackOffice

I received an interesting e-mail early today from a professional associate. He writes that We are going to transition to WEBS as soon as it is available, as our agency has grown by leaps and bounds since we implemented SBS. I haven't been this excited about a software release since... well, ever.

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Cut The Strings! A Small Business Telephone System That Works!

Microsoft has silently been rolling out a new product for customers that just might recast the software industry leader much the way the XBOX provided an entirely new line of work. This product, Microsoft Response Point, is a small business telephone system that supports up to 50 users. In this article, I will define the product and leave you with a consulting opportunity!

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Training Tips for Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Training Tips. Learning Microsoft Office proves to be a challenge to many people. Some people try opening up Microsoft Office to navigate through the software, without actually knowing how to use it. Nothing much is actually attained with this as it is only those who are actually software savvy who will know how to use the program this way. For others, this is a complete waste of time as they need Microsoft Office training to learn to use the software. There are different Microsoft Office training methods for you to choose from to learn Microsoft Office. Some options are Microsoft Office training disks, Microsoft Office training software and online Microsoft Office training. It is the Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions that provides both online and classroom training. This option is favored by IT developers and professionals where its curriculum is used by the Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions.

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Training Tips for MCSE Certification

MCSE Certification and Training Tips If you intend to make a career out of computers, than with MCSE training, you will not only get a boost in your career but also an increase in your pay scale. MCSE is the acronym for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and its certification indicates your increased knowledge and understanding of the working of Microsoft.

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