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Different Metrics Related to Server Monitoring

In its most generic form, server monitoring refers to the collection of machine and network level metrics for monitoring the working of web and application servers. Different system resources related to the server such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O utilization, disk capacity, network, process etc. are constantly monitored to ensure smooth execution of enterprise level applications. [Read More...]

How to Get More Benefits from Online Store on Halloween

Halloween is the first holiday coming in Autumn that provides profit opportunity for business owners. Just as the old saying goes, opportunity favors only the prepared mind. So smart people who have prepared and planned beforehand will get a large sum. There are countless moneymaking ideas during Halloween. Now in this blog entry, we'll introduce 6 online business tips which can help you drive amazing amounts of money for you this October. [Read More...]

Turning Your Smartphone into a Business Phone

Having multiple phone numbers can be a great step for your business in today’s competitive corporate environment. They not only symbolize the prosperity of your enterprise, but also help you maintain a balance personal and work life. [Read More...]

10 Digital Publishing Tips for Successful Publishers

Do you want to become a successful publisher, and how to get more subscribers of digital magazines? Follow to do the below 10 things before you are becoming a millionaire publisher.

Tips 1: Build one subscription website. You can design the website according to your goals, but at least, you need to create SEO content for driving traffic, and a store to sell products for your visitors.

Tips 2: Optimize your website to get more conversion of visitors to email subscribers. These visitors are more likely to buy your subscriptions or products.

Tips 3: Send email regularly to your readers, including editorial content and promotional content.

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Are You Able to Create a Flipbook and Use Offline

Want to read PDF document on flash flipbook mode without affected by a network connection on your computer? Well, the best solution is that make a flipbook that can be read offline. So are you able to create a flipbook and use offline? If not, follow this article, it will show you how to create an offline exe flipbook from PDF document, you can read the publication anytime anywhere without any network access on your computer, and the flash flip mode will also keep your feel of printing book, you can just like reading a real book in hand.

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Twitter IPO is Prompting Changes for Users

About two months ago, our lead social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations started noticing interesting changes involving the Twitter accounts we manage for clients. Tools were suddenly disabled. Twitter’s technical support, which hadn’t been good, improved.
So, when news broke on Sept. 24 that Twitter had already formally taken steps toward going public back in mid-July, Jeni Hinojosa wasn’t surprised.

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Watching Videos Offline – An Effective Way to Avoid Android Trojans and Malwares

Digiarty(, a team serving global software usersin respect of multimedia, has recently tested and compared several ways to remove and avoid Android Trojan and Malware for users used to watching movies and videos on Samsung, HTC and other Android smartphones and tablets. The result points out that the most killing-all method is to make use of offline movie watching.

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Assisted Living Billing Software, PPC Search Engine Advertising, Temperature Logger

Assisted Living Billing Software

Assisted living billing software is specifically designed software to assist senior living. The easy to use software allows seniors to manage their accounts and billing data in a professional way. The billing software is automated to perform regular activities like paying bills or collecting dues. It can create invoices, and track payments and accounts receivable very accurately.  The error free system is also programmed to eliminate under billing and missed charges and reports any delinquencies properly, if found.  The assisted living billing software is very user friendly and helps you in managing many of your regular activities without any assistance.

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Top Ten Tips For Browsers

The Internet is the most frequently accessed medium for information and communication and with the development of new operating systems there are a number of web browsers that are used to surf the net. Frank Johnson offers some tips, tricks and time saving keyboard short cuts for more efficient use of browsers

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Careers in IT

With the proliferation of smartphones, innovative apps, sophisticated software, and novel devices, the significance of Information Technology or IT professionals has increased. Design, development, software engineering, and hardware development, and trouble shooting are some of the fields where qualified and experienced individuals are earning good money. Frank Johnson looks into the different career options and their scope in IT.

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Rules for Setting up a Home Office

Operating a business from home is a good way to maintain an appropriate work life balance. This is also the right strategy for people who are new in this domain and need to begin on a small scale level before expanding their business operations. Frank Johnson describes the factors that need to be considered while setting up a home office and the approach to begin well.

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Top 10 Bummers about Facebook’s Timeline

Started in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it’s still hard to believe that Facebook is less than ten years old—with over 800 million users around the globe. The granddaddy of all social networks, Facebook is always evolving, even though many of us wish it wouldn’t. You finally get used to some of the features—maybe gain a little skill in how to navigate your account and BAM, it changes again.

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Data leaks – preventing the “inside job”

The greatest nightmare of a diplomatic system has become a reality this week. Millions of internal communication documents – written under the assumption that not only the general public, but even diplomatic allies and partners will never know their contents - were released openly into the world.

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