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How to Copy iTunes M4V Movies to MP4 Playing Devices

Movies and TV shows in iTunes Store, including rentals and purchases, HD and SD, are all encoded in M4V format by Apple to protect the contents from being stolen by others. Those M4V movies and TV episodes are encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection so that no one is allowed to directly watch them on non-Apple-approved devices or software [Read More...]

How to Get More Benefits from Online Store on Halloween

Halloween is the first holiday coming in Autumn that provides profit opportunity for business owners. Just as the old saying goes, opportunity favors only the prepared mind. So smart people who have prepared and planned beforehand will get a large sum. There are countless moneymaking ideas during Halloween. Now in this blog entry, we'll introduce 6 online business tips which can help you drive amazing amounts of money for you this October. [Read More...]

The Special Sauce V1.1

When Zen is your goal how do you achieve it and where do you start? Business Opportunity Sales vs Life Balance vs Inner Peace: I’ll show you that the Science of Meditation can help how to make your company grow by simply sitting still. Please allow me to explain in my second installment of The Special Sauce–The Power of Meditation: So What is [Read More...]

The Special Sauce V1.2

So, you need to get ready for the high season, but you’ve been busy all summer long and are way behind. Now you see Labor Day coming in days and know you need to move fast. Slow down… even if you’ve been playing all summer there is still hope for you. Truth is most are way behind before they open for business each day because they’ve never [Read More...]

Microsoft customer satisfaction survey – please participate

I’ve been asked by Microsoft to survey the community about customer satisfaction. I’ll be sharing my findings with the Top 150 MSFT execs at an internal summit in Fort Lauderdale on September 18th. So I would really apprecaite you taking a few minutes to tell me what you think. Be honest, respectful and tell me what you think! I [Read More...]

The Era of Bold and Vibrant Leather Womens Jackets

For ladies, the greatest patterns in nowadays are about looking greatly chic and cool in the meantime. Ladies are moving far from the more exquisite and delicate looks to the more striking and memorable looks. They are generally propelled by the outside the box drifts that have made a progressively outstretching influence crosswise over numerous [Read More...]

Turning Your Smartphone into a Business Phone

Having multiple phone numbers can be a great step for your business in today’s competitive corporate environment. They not only symbolize the prosperity of your enterprise, but also help you maintain a balance personal and work life. [Read More...]

Colorado Wire & Cable Products Power Brand New Alaska Power Plant

Colorado Wire & Cable supplies the necessities for the new Home Electric Association power plant. Homer, AK (PRWEB) September 01, 2014 Homer Electric Association’s new power plant is officially up and running, and Colorado Wire & Cable is happy to count the Alaskan electrical company among its long list of satisfied wire and cable [Read More...]

HP Labor Day Discount Coupons Can Save Holiday Shoppers Up To $450 Off lists new HP Labor Day Sale coupons where potential buyers can receive up to $450 off popular Hewlett-Packard laptops, desktops & printers. (PRWEB) September 01, 2014 New HP Labor Day Sale discount coupons are featured on, a 12-year-old small business and marketing site which runs a handy Laptop Buyer’s [Read More...]

Sands Technologies Provides IT Hiring Managers With Real Recruiting Muscle By Adding 10 New Programming Skills Tests To The M-Recruit™ Jobs Lab

For companies desiring to hire top programmers in a way they can trust and at no cost, 10 new exams have been made available to pre-qualify candidates accurately and quickly. All 10 Skills tests are now available in the M-Recruit™ Lab. NY, NY (PRWEB) September 01, 2014 M-Recruit™ is a ranking tool designed by Sands Technologies that [Read More...]
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