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SEO and Linkbuilding for Blog Marketing

Written by  John Brown
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The very purpose of blog marketing is to pull and retain more visitors for pages of a website while also making it more visible in search engine results. While using an online platform for blog marketing, content is no doubt the king but quality linkbuilding is also very crucial when you are really serious about generating natural and organic traffic for your website and blogs. A search engine like Google uses intricate algorithms to rank websites in its results, and this is why the process of link building calls for considerable time and effort. Utilizing the services of experienced professionals is evidently important.
For search engine optimization, a professional linkbuilder begins with an in depth analysis of existing back-links on a website and also those of its competing websites. This helps in creating an effective link portfolio to augment the website for search engines. A website may use one way links or reciprocal links but while using the latter, the quality and relevance of partner website must be thoroughly checked. Excessive usage of reciprocal links for blog marketing is considered a black hat technique of SEO. On the other hand, one way links prove to be better strategy for the entire website as these imply that traffic is being sent from another platform to your website but you don’t need to have a link back in return. One way links do add value to your blogs as search engines consider your website a genuine authority!
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