- BookLibrary - Computer & Video Games BookLibrary Computer & Video Games 2014-04-23 20:44:07 BookLibrary Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning Authors: Drew Davidson
ISBN: 0557069750
Publication date: 2012-04-25 05:42:03
Language: English
Price: 28.95

Product Description
Video games can be "well played" in two senses. On the one hand, well played is to games as well read is to books. On the other hand, well played as in well done. This book is full of in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. 22 contributors (developers, scholars, reviewers and bloggers) look at video games through both senses of "well played." The goal is to help develop and define a literacy of games as well as a sense of their value as an experience. Video games are a complex medium that merits careful interpretation and insightful analysis.

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Video Game Programming for Kids Authors: Jonathan S. Harbour
ISBN: 1435461169
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Publication date: 2012-04-24 12:20:22
Language: English
Price: 12.56

Product Description
VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMING FOR KIDS Introduces pre-teens and young learners to the exciting world of game programming. This concise, dynamic book is designed specifically for 8-12 years olds and uses simple language; a step-by-step approach; and no-cost QB64 easy, but powerful, software to teach short graphics programs and games. This book is ideal for true beginners or young users who have no prior experience with programming tools. The author uses a humorous, captivating approach with brief chapters that each focus on a single programming or basic computer science concept. All programs and readings center around fun activities, such as cracking a safe, guessing the secret number, or finding the treasure.

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