- BookLibrary - Database Management BookLibrary Database Management 2014-04-20 14:31:45 BookLibrary Concepts of Database Management Authors: Philip J. Pratt, Joseph J. Adamski
ISBN: 1111825912
Publisher: Course Technology
Publication date: 2012-04-24 12:20:22
Language: English
Price: 65.97

Product Description
CONCEPTS OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT fits perfectly into any introductory database course for information systems, business or CIS programs. This concise text teaches SQL in a database-neutral environment with all major topics being covered, including E-R diagrams, normalization, and database design. Now in its seventh edition, CONCEPTS OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT prepares students for success in their field using real-world cases addressing current issues such as database design, data integrity, concurrent updates, and data security. Special features include detailed coverage of the relational model (including QBE and SQL), normalization and views, database design, database administration and management, and more. Advanced topics covered include distributed databases, data warehouses, stored procedures, triggers, data macros, and Web databases.

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Modern Database Management (10th Edition) Authors: Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Ramesh Venkataraman, Heikki Topi
ISBN: 0136088392
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 2012-04-24 12:20:11
Language: English
Price: 99.00

Product Description
Provide the latest information in database development.

Focusing on what leading database practitioners say are the most important aspects to database development, Modern Database Management presents sound pedagogy and includes topics that are critical for the practical success of database professionals. This text also continues to guide readers into the future by presenting research that could reveal the “next big thing” in database management.

The tenth edition reflects the major trends in information systems and helps readers acquire the skills the need to be successful in today’s database management field.

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