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Word Explanation
FTL (Flash Translation Layer)

Used in flash memory, Flash Translation Layer is a new software layer that redirects each update to an empty block which is already erased and copies other valid data to a new location.

top-down design

A way of developing computer programs from the top down, first describing the program actions at a high level, then breaking each instruction down into its elements, which are defined in further detail, until the whole program is complete. Also called stepwise refinement.

surge suppressor

An electrical device that protects a computer from spikes and surges in the power line. All computers have some surge suppression built in, but this protection is not always enough. External surge suppressors come in the form of a unit that plugs into the wall, with outlets for several electrical plugs. However, not all outlet bars have surge suppression.

  1. A privileged account with more powers than the ordinary user has on a system. 2. A user who is not a programmer or hacker, but is expert with some aspect of computing.

Switched Multimegabit Data Service. A high-speed data communications service developed by Bellcore for connecting local area networks over the public telephone lines.

switched network
  1. A network in which a temporary connection is established by closing a switch; an example is the ordinary telephone, where connections are made by dialing. 2. A packet-switched network, in which a temporary connection is established between points for transmitting data in the form of packets.
End-User License Agreement

The legal agreement between the purchaser of software and the software manufacturer. An EULA covers restricted use, terms of distribution and resale of the software.


The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML-based language used to describe the services a business offers and to provide a way for individuals and other businesses to access those services electronically. WSDL is derived from Microsoft's Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and IBM's Network Accessible Service Specification Language (NASSL). WSDL replaces both NASSL and SOAP as the means of expressing business services in the UDDI registry.


Microsoft's framework for Web services and component software, introduced in 2000 and pronounced "dot-net."


is a platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. The document can be further processed and the results of that processing can be incorporated back into the presented page

ten-finger interface

Placing two computers next to each other and reading data from one while typing it in to the other. Sometimes this way of interfacing is used because security precautions prohibit connecting the two systems by computer network.

task management

In a multitasking environment, the part of the operating system that controls the running of tasks within the computer, coordinating resources when several tasks are running at the same time.

server-side includes

(SSI). The ability to include files from the server inside an HTML document by placing tags in the HTML file that link to those files. Using server-side includes makes it unnecessary to include multiple copies of the same information in the HTML file, and make it easier to work with frequently-updated information. Server-side includes are available on some HTTP servers.

Cold Fusion

ColdFusion is a visual programming, database and debugging tool. It is used for building Web applications. ColdFusion offers integration with databases, e-mail, XML and other enterprise technology.


An Internet filtering program from Siemens, downloadable free of charge to private users. Using WebWasher, users can filter unsuitable or unwanted material, including pornography, advertisements, banner images, and large tables. Using the program, the volume of data transmitted can be reduced by up to 45 percent. In this way, users can choose which contents they wish to view and do not have to pay transmission fees for unwanted material.

FireWire - Institute of Electrical and E

FireWire is Apple's cross-platform implementation of a high-speed serial data bus defined by IEEE* Standard 1394-1995 that is able to transfer large amounts of data between computers and peripheral devices. FireWire features simplified cabling and hot swapping, and provides a single plug-and-socket connection to which up to 63 devices can be attached with data transfer speeds up to 400 megabits per second. FireWire is designed to support much higher data rates than USB 1.0; both standards are expected to exist together, serving different device types. With the introduction of the new FireWire 800 standard, Apple now refers to the original standard as FireWire 400. *This nonprofit U.S. engineering organization develops, defines, and reviews standards within the electronics and computer science industries.

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface

While the PC was settling for rankly inferior alternatives, the Mac adopted SCSI as its expansion standard. With SCSI, you could add up to seven new devices to your computer. It's a robust standard, but it requires some system overhead, slows down your computer's start-up, and demands that during installation you handle device ID administration and a process called termination that closes the SCSI circuit. Pronounced "scuzzy" by those in the know. Newer Macs use USB (universal serial bus) and firewire connections.

Echo Canceling

Echo cancellation is the process of removing echo from VoIP calls so customers get quality sound devoid of an echo. All echo cancellation algorithms work by producing several copies of the same signal. Each of these copies is delayed by a time interval at the end of which they arrive with their unique "taps". Echo delay size depends on the total count of taps, which are then weighted and subtracted from the received signal to remove an echo

CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

Equipment such as terminal, modem and related wiring that is essentially owned by either a telephone company or a service provider and is installed at the user end to connect them to the service provider. VoIP service can be implemented in two ways, either a CPE service or network-based hosted service (whereby the subscriber is not required to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade the equipment except IP phone in some cases).


Love of my life


How Are You Doing


binary security


Data Communications Equipment


Data Communications Message Protocol


Digital Network Architecture

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