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Word Explanation

Bit. Short for binary digit. The smallest unit of information a computer can hold. The value of a bit is 1 or 0.


Byte. The smallest addressable unit of storage; the amount of memory space used to store one character, which is usually 8 bits. A computer that has 8-bit bytes (most large and small computers today) can distinguish 28 = 256 different characters. See bits, kilobytes and megabytes.

B channel

On an ISDN (ISDN), a connection that provides voice and data at the same time.


An emoticon for glasses or sunglasses.

B-Band cellular

In the U.S. cellular service industry, B-Band cellular refers to the regional Bell operating company's cellular subsidiary.

B-CDMA: broadband code division multiple

Broadband code division multiple access (B-CDMA) is designed to correct many of the inherent short-falls of IS-95 (narrowband CDMA) and other digital narrowband technologies. In addition, it is being designed as a long-term solution to both voice and data wireless needs -- fixed and mobile. Some of the technical aspects of the B-CDMA air interface are related to its propagation characteristics.



B2B e-commerce

Business to business electronic commerce. Businesses conducting transactions with one another via the World Wide Web.

B2BUA (Back-to-Back User Agent)

Handles SIP call signaling from its initiation to completion. Based on SIP, B2BUA functions as a SIP User Agent Client (UAC) when initiating a call. On the other hand, it also functions as a SIP User Agent Server (UAS) to receive incoming messages.B2BUA participates in call transfer, call disconnection, maintaining network transparency and billing. Providers use B2BUA to offer multi-feature services to subscribers.


B2evolution is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is available without charge.


Before. Variant: b4


Bye For Now


The second floppy disk drive in a PC.


Sunglasses on head

Babbage, Charles

(1791-1871) A British inventor of computing machines, known as the "Father of Computing" for his contributions. Babbage invented a "difference engine," which was a device for producing mathematical tables. His "analytical engine" introduced ideas that were later used in electronic computers. Babbage was the first to have the idea of a machine which could be run by a program stored in its memory.

Baby AT

A motherboard used in many PCs, smaller than the original Advanced Technology(AT) motherboard.

back door

A means of disabling a system's security which is deliberately left by designers of the system, often to give access to service technicians or maintenance programmers.

back end

A computer that does the main processing but has a smaller, more friendly computer that the user interacts with (called the front end). 2. A program that takes care of details behind the scenes, performing tasks not directly controlled by the user.

Back Orifice

A hostile application which can be used by a cracker to take remote control of a computer. It appeared in the summer of 1998, then was quickly brought under control by anti-virus and security software programs; the application left a clear 120,000-byte signature.

back up

To make copies of important files in case the originals are damaged. Data can be backed up on external hard drives, floppy discs, CD-ROMs, tape, etc.


In a hierarchical network, the backbone is the top level, employing high-speed data transmission and serving as a major access point; smaller networks connect to the backbone.


Backbone refers to a central network that serves as the nerve of a network. It generally stretches across long geographical distances and consists of several nodes of smaller network connections. The backbone carries the maximum traffic in a network.


Backbone is the main network that connects nodes. The term is often refered as the main network connections composing the Internet.


The color or pattern on a computer screen which is behind the text and graphic elements.

background noise

Interference in the form of extra signals in a line or circuit.

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