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grayed out

A term used for items that look gray and inoperable to a user who tries to click on a the item to activate it or open a file or link. Programmers gray out the area and prevent the user from accessing what is behind the gray area.


A file linked to an e-mail message. Many mail programs use MIME encoding to attach files. 2. A device attached to a computer, along with any adapters used to attach it.


The process of converting a collection of data into a database suitable for easy search and retrieval.\n\nThe act of describing or identifying a document in terms of its subject content.\n\noften used to refer to the automatic selection and compilation of ‘meaningful’ words from a website into a list that can be used by a search system to retrieve pages. This list is more properly called a concordance. As this procedure involves no intellectual effort indexers distinguish their own work by calling it intellectual indexing, manual indexing, human indexing, or back-of-book-style indexing.

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