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The controlling elements that compensate, or, offset the undesirable characteristics of the process being controlled in a system.

Duty Cycle

The ratio of the lengths of the positive to negative halves of a waveform expressed in percentages.

Trigger Holdoff

A front-panel control that inhibits the trigger circuit from looking for a trigger for some specified time after the end of the trace.

Single Sweep

The ability of an oscilloscope to display just one window of time, thus preventing unwanted multiple displays. Useful for trace photography.


The oscilloscope frequency range within which performance of a particular characteristic falls within specified limits, commonly defined as the difference between the upper and lower frequency at which the response is .707 (-3dB) of the response at the reference frequency.


The decrease in signal amplitude during its transmission from one point to another


Height of a waveform above ground (1/2 peak-peak value)

Alternating Current (AC):

An electric current whose instantaneous value and direction change periodically. The term usually refers to sinusoidally shaped current or voltage waves.


Graphic representation of the variation of a quantity (such as volts) as a function of some variable, usually time

Campus-Wide Information System

(CWIS). Publicly available computer systems provided in kiosks on university campuses where users can access directories, databases, bulletin boards, calendars, and other information services.

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