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Word Explanation

(femto-). One quadrillionth or 10-15.


(farad). A measurement of electrical charge, named after Michael Farady. One farad is the storage capacity of a capacitor having a charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a potential difference of 1 volt between the plates.

F keys

Function keys. A set of special keys on a computer keyboard that are numbered F1, F2, etc. that perform special functions depending on the application program in use.


Face To Face

FAB: FORTRAN Assembly Program

FORTRAN Assembly Program (FAP) was a macro FORTRAN assembler for the IBM 709, 7090, and 7094 computers of the 1950s and 60s.

FACCH: Fast Associated Control Channel

Fast Associated Control Channel (FACCH) is the channel derived by preempting information in a traffic channel. It is used to send handoff and similar messages.

face change character

A control character that changes the shape and/or size of a selected area of type.

face time

Time that is spent face-to-face with someone, rather than communicating through a computer.


Faceplate is the plate installed over a switch or receptacle. The plate also covers the wall opening and thus protects the wiring. A motherboard faceplate is the plate that fits over a motherboard ports to supply a secure casing around the ports. A motherboard faceplate helps keep the motherboard enclosed within a PC and helps prevent dust from accumulating on the motherboard. Motherboard faceplates typically are installed into the back of a computer case.


(FAX). A document sent over telephone lines, originally by means of a special facsimile machine which scans a document and transmits electrical signals to print a copy of the document on the other end. Now computers can send faxes with fax software and a modem, so a fax can be sent from computer to fax machine, from fax machine to computer, or from computer to computer without requiring a printout.


A quantity by which another quantity is multiplied or divided.


Fading is the variation in signal strength from its normal value. Fading is normally negative and can be either fast or slow. It is normally characterized by the distribution of fades, Gaussian, Rician, or Rayleigh.


The malfunction of a system or component; the inability of a system or component to perform its intended function. A failure may be caused by a fault.

failure horizon

The time limit within which a system failure is anticipated.

failure-directed testing

Software testing using knowledge of the types of errors made by the system in the past that are likely to reoccur.

fall back

A modem protocol feature which allows two modems which are experiencing transmission errors to renegotiate their connection at a lower speed.

fall forward

A modem protocol feature which allows two modems which used the fall back option because of data corruption to return to a higher speed connection if the transmission improves.


A cooling device that circulates air in a computer; fans are necessary to keep the computer from overheating.

fanfold paper

Continuous paper with holes on the edges, folded like a fan with each page folded the opposite direction of the page before. Fanfold paper is used in tractor-feed dot matrix printers; after printing, the pages are separated along the perforations and the edge strips are torn off.


File Access Protocol.


Abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. Newsgroups, mailing lists and Internet sites often have a list of the most frequently asked questions about their subject, with answers. Newbies who have questions will find it useful to check the FAQ first. There are readily available FAQs about general use of the Internet and online services.


(F). A measurement of electrical charge, named after Michael Faraday. One farad is the storage capacity of a capacitor having a charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a potential difference of 1 volt between the plates.


Federation of American Research Networks.A nonprofit corporation, established in 1987, dedicated to advancing the use of computer networks for research and education.

FASS: Fast Access Station Switching

Fast Access Station Switching (FASS), a concept in the WiMAX network, is a method by which an MS can change its access station from frame to frame depending on the station selection mechanism. The access station can be an RS, BS, or MMRBS. The MS refers to transmitting/receiving data to/from one of the active stations (the anchor station) during any given frame.


Federation Against Software Theft. A nonprofit organization in the UK, formed in 1984 by the software industry, whose aim is eliminating software piracy and educating the public about the effects of software theft.

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