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Blu-ray is a DVD format for storing high-definition video. Blu-ray is one of the two new emerging high definition formats, the other is HD DVD.

Blu-ray gets its name from the blue laser it users. Standard DVD uses a red laser to read discs.

Blu-ray is designed to replace standard DVD’s. A Blu-ray disk can hold up to 25 GB per layer as opposed to HD DVD which holds on 15 GB per layer.

Blu-ray development was spear-headed by Sony, the original developer of Beta-Max. Other companies that support Blu-ray include Apple, Dell and Panasonic.

Blu-ray implements DRM with a scheme called BD+.

Currently the PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray drive.


In Xt and Motif, visual objects on the screen that can be manipulated with the mouse and keyboard.

Widget is a general-purpose term, or placeholder name, for any unspecified device, including those that have not yet been invented. It is commonly used in textbook and other examples where the identity of the product or function is irrelevant and could be distracting: students may be asked to design a business plan for the XYZ Widget Company. Compare Acme.

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