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Inter eXchange Carrier. Another name for a long distance telephone company

Terminal Adapter

An electronic device that interfaces a PC with a host computer via an ISDN phone line. They are often called "ISDN modems"; however, because they are digital, Terminal Adapters are not modems at all.


There are many hoaxes continually popping up on the nets. False viruses are the most common of these with names like "Join the Crew" or "PenPal Greetings", but there are many more themes that keep recurring. Appeals to charity is a common theme for a hoax, sometimes partially based in fact. If you get a chain letter appeal about Jessica Mydek or Craig Shergold or anything involving the Make A Wish Foundation, please check it out first before spreading it.

There are also lots of stories going around about Bill Gates and money-making schemes and expensive cookie recipes and stolen kidneys, all of which are interesting stories, but usually false or even fraudulent. You can read more about hoaxes in our feature article, Hoaxes and Urban Legends.

When in doubt, never spread a story around. Instead, check the Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Committee (CIAC) Hoaxes Page or ask us here in the NavNet Forum or check out our glossary items for virus or for the taller tales, urban legends.


it means to pull all things together into one.


last minute cheap airline tickets specialist


Webpany for Web Company(ies) A short name for all Web Company(ies) or for referring a Web Company

webbug / beacon

What is a Web Bug/Beacon

A web bug also referred to as a web beacon is a file object, usually a transparent graphic image. A web bug can come unnoticeably through an email or it can be on a web page one may access while online. A web bug or beacon is a type of spy ware. It’s used to monitor the things a user does online. It’s used a lot by spammers to confirm the email addresses of users. Once the user opens a email sent by a spammer, the web beacon sends information back to the sender that way they know you opened the email. Web bugs are also used to show how many people have visited a website. Ad networks use web beacons to add the user’s information to their personal report of what websites the user is visiting. It’s hard to detect an web bug in your email or on a web page. Why? The image always blends in with the background color of the page. Unlike a cookie which can accept or refused by the browser user a web bug shows up in GIF (Graphic Interchange Format - a graphic format used by on the World wide Web.) Your browser has no choice but to accept it. A web beacon only takes up a tiny amount of space it’s not larger than a 1 by 1 pixel, this makes it even harder to identify. Usually a web bug can be identified by looking at the source code of a web page. If you see that a IMG tag loaded from a different server than the other ones, then you will know that web bug is on the web hosting you are on. A web bug is loaded from a different server so that they are easily distinguished from regular GIF files.

Although many people object to the use of web bugs on web pages and emails some argue that it has it’s benefits. They feel that the web beacon can actually be used for good. See a web beacon can do the following:

It can gather the IP address of the computer that has a web bug on it. The Url of the web page the bug is located on The Url of the page the bug came from The time the bug was observed A set cookie value The type of browser that was used to get web bug graphic image Web bugs are a very controversial issue, because they watches a user activity without their knowledge. But as you can see a web bug can used for both good and bad. It does has it’s benefits but it also can put a user at risk while on the internet. There are a couple of things you as a user can do to make sure your activity on the web is recorded by the web bug. If you detect one on it you can turn off the browser cookies this will prevent your activity from being tracked. This your best defense against web bug.

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A portlet is a small chunk of secondary content that is often assisting or functional, like a navigation or information on related items. Most of the time they grace one of the two colums that are available on most sites. This does seem to indicate that portlets are a subtype of pagelets but for various usage reasons its generally beneficial to regard them as separate and simply include portlets using a pagelet.


An informative letter mailed to subscribers.

A publication of the chapter used to keep its members informed of Junior Chamber news and meeting information.


Web documents retrieved may be stored (cached) for a time so that they can be conveniently accessed if further requests are made for them. The issue of whether the most up-to-date copy of the file is retrieved is handled by the caching program which initially makes a brief check and compares the date of the file at its original location with that of the copy in the cache. If the date of the cached file is the same as the original, then the cached copy is used. ...\nLocal storage of remote data designed to reduce network transfers and therefore increase speed of download. The cache is a ‘storeroom’ where the data is kept. Cookie A small data file placed on your hard disk by a Web site to record your preferences for when you return.

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