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Word Explanation
  1. Abbreviation for the prefix kilo-, meaning one thousand. 2. Kilobyte. One thousand bytes (103) or 1024 (210) bytes. A unit of measurement used for computer file sizes. 2. Okay (chat).
  1. A unit of measurement of computer storage capacity, 2^10 or 1024. 2. Kelvin, a unit of thermodynamic temperature.


K-Lite: Kazaa Lite

Kazaa Lite, also known as K-Lite, is a peer-to-peer file-sharing computer program. Kazaa Lite is an unauthorized modification of the Kazaa Media Desktop application which excludes adware and spyware and provides slightly extended functionality. It became available in April, 2002. It can be downloaded free of charge, and, as of mid-2005, is almost as widely used as the official Kazaa client itself. It connects to the same FastTrack network and thus allows to exchange files with all Kazaa users


K-Meleon is a web browser by the Mozilla Foundation to provide a light-weight browser running under Microsoft Windows by using the operating system's native interface for the application's toolbars and menus.


Top-level newsgroup category for an elementary and secondary education newsgroup.

ka- kichen assistant

a person who asists in the kichen giveing a hand in a task ,and use thier abilities of the job and delivering food or transporting food carts and is below and under an team leader does not have authority over staff , but can make sugestions and can report it to higer up's in staffing ,and cab help out the team leader. and can try to make under standings for other staff with out the authority.


Ka-Band refers to the bandwidth of electromagnetic wave between 33 GHz to 36 GHz, which is primarily used in satellites operating at 30 GHz uplink and 20 GHz downlink for mobile voice communications.


An implementation of TCP/IP and related protocols for amateur packet radio.

Kaleida Labs, Inc.

A joint project by IBM and Apple Computer for developing multimedia software.


Japanese phonetic writing, which includes the two styles of hiragana and katakana. In Japanese books, kana is mixed with kanji, the whole-word symbols derived from Chinese. On computers, the phonetic symbols of kana are more often used.

kangaroo code

A clumsily-written, disorganized computer program created by a novice.


A character set of symbols used in Japanese ideographic alphabets. Each character requires 2 bytes to represent it.


In the computer software context, Karma is the name of a software package to aid signal processing and image processing for scientific applications.


A character set of symbols used in one of the two principal Japanese phonetic alphabets, mainly used for phonetic transliteration of foreign words. Each character uses two bytes.

Katmai New Instructions

(KNI). The code name for MMX2 instructions.

Kazaa Lite K++

Kazaa Lite K++ is a later versions of Kazaa Lite included K++, which added a memory patcher that removed search limit restrictions, multi-source limits, and set one's "participation level" to the maximum of 1000. KaZaA Lite K++ has the ability to resume downloads, play files, block your IP address from the RIAA. Kazaa Lite K++ is obsolete and replaced by Kazaa Lite Resurrection (or simply Kaza Lite).

Kazaa Lite Resurrection

Kazaa Lite Resurrection, also known as Kazaa Lite, is a P2P file sharing client that supports the FastTrack P2P network. Kazaa Lite Resurrection is to continue the development forward on the now obsolete Kazaa Lite K++ application. Kazaa Lite Resurrection technology utilizes the core of Kazaa Media Desktop (KMD) and runs on Windows. Kazaa Lite Resurrection does not contain any adware or spyware. It also offers numerous improvements over KMD such as no bit-rate limits, expanded support for multi-source downloads, and additional P2P tools.

Kazaa Lite Revolution

Kazaa Lite Revolution is an alternative, unauthorized FastTrack P2P network client. Kazaa Lite Revolution, instead of Kazaa Media Desktop, may be used to connect to FastTrack. Revolution is sometimes advertised as an improved version of KMD. Their appearance is similar, but Revolution removes all advertising and adds several new features and tools. Kazaa Lite Revolution is a different application from Kazaa Lite Resurrection.

Kazaa or Kazzaa

Kazaa, also spelled as Kazzaa, is a free, peer-to-peer file sharing service over the Internet. To use Kazaa, a person downloads and installs a software client of Kazaa. Kazaa clients communicate with various registration servers, using Internet protocols, to identify files for sharing or download. The Kazaa P2P network holds peer registration information and then brokers connections between any two peer clients for file sharing.


Kilobyte. One thousand bytes (103) or 1024 (210) bytes. A unit of measurement used for computer file sizes.

  1. Kilobit. One thousand bits (103) or 1024 bits (210). A unit of measurement of the capacity of memory integrated circuits. Not to be confused with kilobyte. 2. Sometimes used for kilobyte. One thousand bytes (103) or 1024 (210) bytes. A unit of measurement used for computer file sizes.
Kbit, K-bit, or kbit

Kilobit. One thousand bits (103) or 1024 bits (210). A unit of measurement of the capacity of memory integrated circuits. Not to be confused with kilobyte.


Kilobits per second. Thousand bits per second.


Kilobytes per second. Thousand bytes per second.

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