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Metropolitan Area Exchange or Metropolitan Area Ethernet. A major Internet Network Access Point (NAP) where different providers and networks hand off traffic to each other. The two main MAEs in the United States are MAE East in Washington, DC and MAE West in Silicon Valley.

3rd gbic

155M to 10 GB


Controlled Access Unit


Data Communications Equipment


Data Communications Message Protocol


Digital Network Architecture


Data Terminal Equipment

H.323 Protocol

H.323 is a protocol standard for multimedia communications. H.323 was designed to support real-time transfer of audio and video data over packet networks like IP. The standard involves several different protocols covering specific aspects of Internet telephony.


NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth shaping systems designed for voice and data networks developed by APconnections. The technology behind the NetEqualizer has it roots in the open source project the "Linux Bandwidth arbitrator". The concept behind the Linux Bandwidth Arbitrator was to be the first tool of its kind that automatically balanced the needs of competing users on an internet trunk, such that lighter users doing things such as web browsing, e-mail and chat, would receive automatic priority over heavy users doing bandwidth intensive activities such as file sharing and video.

The inventors of the NetEqualizer borrowed heavily from established techniques used to balance CPU resource on time shared operating systems. At the time the Linux Bandwidth arbitrator was released most network adminstrators spent quite a bit of time changing policies manually. As network costs drop less labor intensives methodologies of managing network usage are emerging.

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