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R-UIM: Removable User Identity Module

Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM), also known as UIM, is similar to a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), but is designed for networks other than GSM such as CDMA. R-UIM cards support roaming between CDMA and GSM networks.


A relational DBMS from Microrim, Inc., Bellevue, Washington.

RAB: Reverse-Link Activity Bit

Reverse-Link Activity Bit (RAB) is for determining the data rate of a reverse link communication of a mobile communication system. A processor in the access terminal may determine whether the access terminal is in an idle mode, and passing a non-busy state value of the RAB to the digital filter when the access terminal is in the idle mode. The RAB may be compared to a threshold to determine a mode of reverse link data rate determination. The mode defines a set of criteria for an aggressiveness level of increasing or decreasing the reverse link communication data rate. The processor, therefore, determines the data rate based on the filtered reverse activity bit in accordance with the determined mode.

RACE:Research in Advanced Communications

Research in Advanced Communications Equipment (RACE) is an ETSI research project that has subsequently been replaced by ACTS.


Resource Access Control Facility. A large system security program for IBM mainframes that checks passwords and prevents unauthorized users from accessing files.

RACH: Random Access Channel

Random Access Channel (RACH) is the channel used by mobiles in GSM and W-CDMA systems to gain access to the system when first attaching to it.


A frame or cabinet for mounting computer components.

rack mounted

Built to fit into a metal rack. Some computer components are rack mounted units.


Rapid Application Development. A way of developing a system by completing a working part, implementing it, and adding more working parts every few months, instead of waiting to finish the entire project before putting the system into use. Otherwise, changes take place so fast in the computer industry that an application can be obsolete by the time it is implemented. Development tools such as visual programming and computer-assisted software engineering help with Rapid Application Development.

RAD tool

Rapid Application Development tool. Software that speeds up the development of applications.


Wireless transmission of electric signals by way of electromagnetic waves, including the use of electromagnetic waves to transmit electric impulses that carry converted sound signals.


Radio is the electromagnetic waves whose frequencies are below 3,000 GHz as defined in Article 2 of the Radio Law in general. However, in practice, radio is generally refered to as electromagnetic waves whose frequencies are between 10 kHz and 300 GHz.

radio buttons

A group of buttons on the computer screen of which only one can be selected at a time (by clicking on it). Radio buttons are used a lot with interactive forms on World Wide Web pages.

radio frequency

(RF). Electromagnetic frequencies in the range extending from below 3 kiloherz to 300 gigahertz, which includes radio and television transmission. These frequencies are above audio signals and below the frequencies of visible light.

radio frequency interference

(RFI). Interference from high-frequency electromagnetic waves emanating from electronic devices.

Radio link

Radio link refers to the equipment and transmission path (propagation channel) used to carry on communications. It includes the transmitting system, the propagation channel and receiving system.

Radio port

Radio port is a unit that supports transmission of signals over the air interface.

Radio propagation

Radio propagation refers to the electromagnetic waves at radio frequencies as they radiate from a transmitting antenna.

radio-frequency fingerprinting

An electronic fingerprint that makes it possible to identify a wireless handset by its unique radio transmission characteristics.


A more accurate but also more process-intensive technique than raytracing, that calculates patterns of light and shadow for rendering graphics images from three-dimensional models.


A device that sends telephone signals without wires, by means of radio waves.


RADIUS stands for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service and is the standard protocol for an authentication server (also known as an AAA server â?? authentication, authorizing and accounting server). Used by ISPs, its function is to authenticate the user who tries to connect to an ISP, authorize his access and also keep a check on the amount of time he uses the ISPâ??s service, for billing purposes.

  1. The base of a system of numbers; decimal numbers are radix ten, binary numbers are radix two, and hexadecimal numbers are radix sixteen. 2. The positive integer by which the value of one digit place must be multiplied to give the value of the next higher digit place; for example, in a decimal system, each digit place is multiplied by 10 to arrive at the value of the next higher digit place, so the radix is 10.

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