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W-ATM: Wireless Asynchronous Transfer Mo

Wireless ATM network (W-ATM) was a concept of using wireless as physical layer to transmit ATM cells. This concept never took off.


Write Once. Refers to storage media such as WORM and CD-R on which data can be written once, but not erased or rewritten.

W-TDMA: Wideband Time Division Multiple

Wideband Time Division Multiple Access (W-TDMA) is a technique based on time division transmission which is similar to that used by GSM but provides a much higher transmission rate. It was submitted as a solution for UMTS radio interface, but was rejected.


WWW; the World Wide Web. A hypermedia-based system for browsing Internet sites. It is named the Web because it is made of many sites linked together; users can travel from one site to another by clicking on hyperlinks. Text, graphics, sound, and video can all be accessed with browsers like Mosaic, Netscape, or Internet Explorer. The Web can also be accessed with text-only browsers like Lynx. 2. A World Wide Web browser for Emacs.

W3 Consortium

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); also called W3O. The main body that creates standards for the World Wide Web. Based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it also produces reference software.


W3 Consortium (World Wide Web Consortium); also called W3O. The main body that creates standards for the World Wide Web. Based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it also produces reference software.


World Wide Web Consortium; also called W3C. The main body that creates standards for the World Wide Web. Based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it also produces reference software.


Wide Area Adapter. An adapter connecting to a wide area network (WAN).


A computer program that is not a virus or worm but that makes copies of itself every time it is run, which eventually crashes the system. The original "wabbit" appeared in the late 1970s.


Windows ABI (Windows Application Binary Interface). A software package from SunSoft that provides Microsoft Windows emulation for UNIX. It translates calls made by Windows applications into X Window calls.


Wait before sending positive acknowledgement. This means the receiving station is not ready to receive the ACK.

WAE: Wireless Application Environment

The Wireless Application Environment (WAE) is the top most level in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) suite, which combines both the WWW and Mobile Telephony technologies. WAE provides the operators and service providers an interoperable environment on which they can build applications and services for handheld client devices. WAE includes the micro-browser that contains functionality for using not only WML and WML Script as previously stated, but also Wireless Telephony Application, namely WTA and WTAI -- telephony services and programming interfaces as well as content formats including well-defined data formats, images, phone book records and calendar information.


When All Else Fails.


A very thin sheet of semiconductor material, about 1/30" thick, which comprises the substrate for a microchip.


Wafer is a piece of thin, round semiconductor material (typically silicon) which is used to make microchips. Typically, Silicon crystal is grown into a large cylindrical ingot, then sliced intovery thin wafers.


Wide Area Information Server. A search engine developed by Thinking Machines, Inc., which can find documents on the Internet. WAIS uses keywords to search text files, and can search the entire contents of documents rather than only titles. WAIS uses the ANSI Z39.50 query language.

wait state

A brief delay added before a microprocessor executes an instruction, to allow time for slower memory chips or external devices to respond. A wait states may be one or more of the computer's clock cycles or may be timed differently. One wait state on each access of memory can make the processor up to 20% slower. With no wait state (called zero wait state) the processor will run faster.

waiting time

The time lag between the beginning of a request for data and the moment it begins to be received; also called latency.


A mechanical arm or other extension of a human limb, which is operated by a human and used to do various tasks. The term originates in Robert Heinlein's science fiction story, "Waldo".

Walking Ls Test

A memory test that involves moving a 1 bit through a byte or word to systematically confirm each bit can hold a 1 value. All of the other bits are set to 0 during the test.


A UNIX command meaning "write all". It sends a message to everyone logged in at the time.

wall time

The time according to a clock on the wall, rather than on the computer's clock.

wall wart

A transformer plugged into a wall outlet that converts the AC power from the outlet into DC power for an electronic device such as a modem. Also called a power adapter.


A picture or pattern displayed as a background to the windows or other items on the computer's desktop in a graphical user environment. The user can choose the wallpaper from a group of available patterns, or create original wallpaper.

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