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Weblock for Kids

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Create DateNovember 27, 2014

Weblock for Kids is a browser who protect your children on the Internet.
- Allows browsing only on websites that are approved by the parent
- Easily add websites by browsing the web
- Large icons on the homepage allows your child to easily find the links to their favorite websites
- Customize your child's homepage with the included artwork, custom colors or your own images
- Kid Mode allows easy browsing with three simple commands: Back, Forward and Home
- Run as a Kiosk application to prevent access to your computer and other programs
- Require a password to exit Kid Mode, limit browsing sessions, and view browsing logs
- Can be configured to open as a Kiosk Application at startup, creating a safe web environment as soon as your computer is turned on
- Create multiple profiles with separate websites, homepage and settings for each child
- Clicking on advertisements is prevented, and many advertisements are blocked completely using a built in list of ad servers.

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