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Big Nose Bird
An all free webmaster's site featuring free CGI scripts, graphics, and over 300 original tutorials on all subjects important to a webmaster.Become a UNIX or Linux Guru in 20 Minutes! Save $500 on a seminar.
Become a UNIX or Linux Guru in 20 Minutes! Save $500 on a seminar. Migrate your Windows/DOS skills to UNIX!\" This is one of the intriguing offers of this site, which is packed with over 300 pages of tutorials, reference materials, and other free resources, including free scripts, graphics, and software tools. Web tutorials cover HTML, server side includes, JavaScript, site navigation, image maps, HTML forms, CGI scripting, banner rotation, and MIDI music. Beginners can use domain name lookup and explore hosting options, including free hosting. For designers there are sections on photo composition and scanning, when to JPEG and when to GIF, color theory and hex codes, and how to create fast loading images. Getting into the \"Nitty Gritty of Webmastery\", you can learn about Apache server hacks and tricks, secure servers, site promotion, and site organization. Earn brownie points with your ISP by using the security advice offered here. In case you need interactive advice, BNB provides a newsletter and a bulletin board where readers can share ideas and solve problems. Also helpful are the ASCII chart and tutorial, HTML tag guide, resource links, and recommended books.
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