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The Fledgling Corner
Information on birding and wild birds including bird profiles, necessary supplies, bird identification, attracting birds, birdfeeders, birdhouses, birding travel and bird conservation.
Fledglings are non-adult birds who have left the nest but are still dependent on the parents for food and other necessities. The Fledgling Corner is a kids\' area all about birds, which is full of wonderful games, learning, and activities for kids of all ages. There is a section on prehistoric birds and bird ancestors, with pictures of fossils and dinosaurs. A Things To Make section includes bird feeders, origami, and other craft projects with birds as the theme. Kids will learn how to make the right kind of house or feeder for each bird, and stock it with the favorite food of the bird they want to attract. They will also learn how to identify birds by size and shape, behavior, bird sounds, and eight visual categories. Kids will learn more about their natural environment here by playing a game that teaches them about the food chain, and studying ways to help save migratory birds. There are links to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sites and other websites of bird lovers and bird experts. There are also jokes, comics, and riddles just for fun. A parents\' and teachers\' section contains lesson plans and recommendations for books, CDs, and videos.
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