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Looking for a word? Any word at all? Try OneLook, a gathering place for dictionaries of almost every conceivable stripe.
Resource for Police Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals, with News, Videos, Products, Training, Jobs and Career Resources, Awards and GrantsThis site is dedicated to serving the professional and personal needs of law enforcement officers.

This Internet portal and organizational tool is designed to provide the user with access to customized and conveniently organized information from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Unlike generic portals which may not cover the user\'s specific areas of interest, Turboclip allows each user to create a customized portal including chosen fields of interest and to easily organize related information.

Your source for book reviews, author resources, and book industry news & statistics.If you love books, visit this website. Here you can find out what new books are coming out, and get daily literary news, reviews, and features. A newsletter called FLAP gives readers a daily peek behind the scenes in the publishing industry. Users can join discussions and poetry workshops at the Soapbox.

Corante Top Rated Bookmark 
Corante is an independent news distillation service that helps users better understand the ideas, issues, factors and trends shaping the fast-paced world of technology and venture financing.

This page and its related page, Cyberteens, encourage young artists and writers by publishing their work on the web.
The official online resource to all things Disney: theme parks, resorts, movies, Disney Channel programs, characters, games, videos, music, shopping, and more!This is Disney\'s website for family fun. Here you can download and enjoy audio clips of classic soundtracks from Walt Disney Records, or visit the Story Time section where kids can read Mother Goose and other timeless tales.

Encyclopedia Mythica
The premier encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and religion.This website offers a free encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, mysticism, and more. It contains over 1,800 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings, legendary creatures, and monsters from all over the world.

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
One headache for new Internet users is learning all the terminology, buzzwords and acronyms of the online community.

Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
This website has everything for the sport fisherman. Though it emphasizes the fishing and natural resources of the Great Lakes states, this site can direct you to information on sport fishing all over the USA and Canada, South Pacific fishing, and more.

Hey Kids! Comix!
Alternative Comics, publishers of cool comic books, releases some of the most original and intelligent titles being created todayThis website has everything you\'ve ever wanted to know about the comic book industry, and more, brought to you by the publisher of Alternative Press, Inc.

ICQ Help 101
Here\'s a friendly website where you can get help with ICQ, the original instant messaging service. The site offers FAQs, a chat room, a message board, and links to other ICQ help sites.
This is an ICQ user-to-user help site. Here users can troubleshoot problems via question-and-answer, and find a lot of information about ICQ. The site offers quick tips, links to downloadable ICQ helper software, and help with chat lingo. A large and very helpful section alerts ICQ users to the many hoaxes and cons targeted specifically at them. There is also a good collection of links to other ICQ help sites and FAQs.

Internet Press
This website has links to more than 10,000 online news sources worldwide. Look here for breaking news, headlines, front page news, live radio and TV online, news wires, news trackers, and Web Cams.

itmWEB: The IT Professional\'s Homepage
The itmWEB site is a vast collection of tools, news, features, and resources for information technology professionals. Developed for CIOs, directors, managers, and IS professionals, the site includes systems development and programming content, methodology and project management papers, technology links, and the latest IT news and academic research.

Miserly Moms
The goal of this website is to help moms who want to stay at home and spend more time with their families. - Good News for Your Website
Moreover Technologies provides media monitoring, news monitoring , business intelligence and content aggregation services.This service collects news headlines from over 1500 news sources in more than 200 categories. Users can link to all the top stories here, or sign up to get selected news by email; for websites supplies a free newsfeed in a variety of formats.

NASA \'s Office of Technology Transfer
Technology transfer involves \"moving ideas, concepts and products from the Government arena into the private sector.\" This site shows how some of NASA\'s discoveries in propulsion, structures, energy generation, aerospace medicine, communications, etc.

No Wonder
This is a free online tech support community for OS/2, Macintosh, Windows, BeOS, Linux/Unix, and Web/HTML. If you have a problem or a question about hardware or software, No Wonder promises a personal one-on-one response from a volunteer staff person in 24 hours or less.

SearchSport is a search directory dedicated to sports only: a great place to find specific information that narrows down the search more quickly than using a big general search engine.

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