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RailServe: The Internet Railroad Directory
Railroad links to 17,000 websites including train travel, model railroading, railfan resources, train simulators, and railroad industry sites.This railroad site catalogs over 1,100 railroading links of interest to railfans, model railroad hobbyists, railroad professionals, and the general public.

Absolute Mac
auctions and moreThis is a good reference site to visit if you\'re shopping for a Macintosh. Current American, French, and German prices are listed. Users can get an overview of Mac history and anticipate upcoming MacOS systems and PowerPC chips.

Ask Dr. Math
Why does any number to the 0 power = 1? What are the factors for the Perfect Number, 33550336? Why is pi considered to be a transcendental number? For that matter, why does 2 + 2 = 4? Send your questions to Dr. Math and get an answer via email.

Biodynamic and Organic Gardening Resource Site
Biodynamic and organic gardening links, stories, books and advice. Aimed at the backyard gardener who desires a deeper insight into the history, mystery and science of agriculture.his website has biodynamic and organic gardening links, for \"the backyard gardener desiring a deeper insight into the history, mystery and science of agriculture.

Open job listings in the US in all industries and professions. In addition to searching job listings, you can network with other professionals, research US based companies and Employers, and learn about the job search process in our career articles area.CareerMagazine is a good place to look for a job, advertise a job opening, and read about everything connected with careers and employment. There are job offers, employer pages, and a place to post or look at resumes.

Cat Fanciers Web Site
Brought to you by the Cat Fanciers Mailing List, a group of cat breeders, exhibitors, show judges, veterinarians, and other ailurophiles (cat lovers) throughout the world, representing most cat breeds and clubs worldwide.This comprehensive site concentrates on domestic cats, including articles and links on breeds, shows, cat care, animal welfare, veterinary medicine, and a directory of over 350 cat breeders, brought to you by a group of cat breeders, exhibitors, show judges, veterinarians, and other cat lovers throughout the world.

Computer Virus Myths
\"Malicious virus writers want you to feel frightened. Fear breeds panic ... and your panic serves their intentions. Computer viruses are utterly logical. If you succumb to fear & panic, you lose the fight

Dan s World
Help! I\'ve lost a file, and I can\'t find it! How do I get my mouse to work in DOS programs? How do I speed up Windows 95? Find answers to these questions here at network of online services offering vital content for entertainment and technology enthusiasts.
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e-Toys, The Biggest Toy Store on the Web
Want to avoid shopping crowds? For holidays and kids\' birthdays, try this online toy store. Here\'s a selection of over 1,000 items, including brand name toys and children\'s books. The toys can be searched by category, brand name, age group, or price.

Earthsmart Cars Popular Bookmark 
What is an \\\"earthsmart car\\\"? You can find out at this Natural Resources Defense Council site. Hybrid-car technology combines an electric motor and gasoline power, producing far fewer pollutants than conventional combustion engines

eXTReMe Search Companion
Here is an all-in-one, fast, flexible, and powerful search tool which connects to over 120 search engines.


Federal Emergency Management Agency
This U.S. government website has news and information about storms, floods, fires, nuclear power plant failures, and other emergencies, emergency preparedness resources, and disaster assistance efforts.

Find mE-Mail
Change of e-mail addresses directory FREE enrollment search and updateFind mE-Mail is a free service for those who have changed their email addresses or are searching for an old email friend who has changed addresses. Find mE-Mail hosts an interactive database to which a user can add a record containing his or her old email address and new email address, with password protection to ensure that only the addressee can alter the record.

GovNetworks is a clearinghouse of resources for citizens, elected officials, and political candidates. One of its goals is to help define the emerging models of citizenship and democracy in the Information Age.

Internet Movie Database  
This website is an extensive database of information currently covering 77,603 movies and 4,493 TV series. There are well-researched movie credits ranging from some of the earliest moving pictures such as Express Train on a Railway Cutting (1898) to the latest releases.

John Muir Exhibit
The forests of America, however slighted by man, must have been a great delight to God; for they were the best he ever planted.

Jon\'s Homeschool Resource Page
Homeschooling is the fastest growing educational movement in the nation. Parents are turning to this alternative for a variety of reasons including to promote academic achievement, to ensure a wholesome moral and social environment, and to integrate religious or philosophical teachings into academic content.

Juggling Information Service
This page has everything for jugglers. Here you can find helpful suggestions and techniques from fellow jugglers, a newsgroup, and jugglers\' home pages (jugglers can even create their own home page here).

Two young French in a garage started this international site dedicated to free web-based chat. Seven national sites within make it possible to chat with others from the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Quebec, Belgium, or Switzerland.

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