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Robert Winkler - Nature Writing
Essays on birds (eagles, owls, warblers, bird songs), other animals, walking and the natural landscape. Also nature art, links, quotes, book reviews, outdoor photography articles.Here you can read Robert Winkler\'s essays on the natural beauty found in waterfalls, trails, and other natural environments, and his observations of wildlife. He especially likes birds, and has many tales about them including a humorous article, \"A Field Guide to Hollywood Bird Songs,\" about mismatched birdsongs in movie soundtracks.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The complete works of William Shakespeare are available at this website, categorized into comedies, tragedies, historical plays, and poetry. Plays are also listed alphabetically and chronologically. Visitors can search the texts, consult the glossary, read the FAQ, and participate in a discussion group.

January Magazine
January is an online magazine all about books. Book lovers will find reviews, publishing news, and profiles of well-known authors.

Writers\' Village University
Free 7-week creative writing course: study the craft of fiction writing and write effective short stories, novels, plays and screenplays. Learn online and with writers from around the world.Writers\' Village University is \"more than a great place to learn how to write, it\'s a living, breathing community of writers from around the world.\" This popular hangout for creative writers on the Internet is staffed by volunteer writers and teachers who believe education should be a life-long pursuit for both beginning and experienced writers.

Timeless Hemingway
Celebrating the life and literature of Ernest Hemingway.A favorite maxim of Ernest Hemingway was \"il faut d\'abord durer,\" roughly translating to \"first, one must endure.\" Hemingway is a writer who has endured.
This site provides information about science fiction, fantasy and horror authors, books, cover artists, movies and TV series and more.This is a reference site for everything in science fiction. The webmasters hope to make Fantafiction \"the biggest site on the Internet for information about sci-fi and fantasy books and authors.

Galaxy Ezine - Original Science Fiction
Galaxy Ezine from Galaxy Science Fiction Editor E.J. Gold, son of the legendary original Galaxy Science Fiction Editor Horace L. Gold, brings you Galaxy quality content in video format, in animation, books, celebrities, comics, cons, education, fandom, fantasy, filksongs, films, history, horror, insights, interviews, legends, literary, music, on writing, reviews, science, television, vintage, writers and more.Science fiction fans will find lots of good short stories here, plus RealAudio files and some interesting experimental features. In the Writers Workshop section, new writers can submit stories and get feedback from readers.
Writers get noticed on Prizes, no manuscripts limit, interactive, free. A site engineered to attract literary agents and publishers by meeting their business needs.Here is a site for writers, literary agents, publishers, and readers. The purpose of this site is to showcase the work of unpublished writers, providing fresh and interesting material for readers and a database of manuscripts of interest to agents and publishers looking for new talent.

Your source for book reviews, author resources, and book industry news & statistics.If you love books, visit this website. Here you can find out what new books are coming out, and get daily literary news, reviews, and features. A newsletter called FLAP gives readers a daily peek behind the scenes in the publishing industry. Users can join discussions and poetry workshops at the Soapbox.

The Moonlit Road
Ghost stories and strange tales from the American South, told by the region's best storytellers.This family-friendly site features monthly ghost stories and other strange folktales from the mysterious backroads of the American South. Selecting a folktale takes the reader to a storyteller\'s cabin in the land where the story was born; here the story begins.

Results: 1 - 10 of 10

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