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Image   Bookmarks Hits - Candlestick Charting Techniques for the Individual Investor
Japanese candlestick chart analysis, Candlestick Charts, Daily top lists, Free candlestick search, Email alerts, Portfolio Tracker, Stock chartsThis website explains a fascinating Japanese method of charting and analyzing market activity. \"The candlestick charting technique and analysis orginated with the Japanese, who developed a method of technical analysis to analyze the price of rice contracts. . . . Honma, a wealthy Japanese businessman, began trading at the local rice exchange in Sakata (now Yamagata Prefecture) around 1750.

Thomas Regional
ThomasNet, is the most comprehensive resource for finding information on suppliers of industrial products and services in North gives you free access to a searchable database of more than 550,000 distributors, manufacturers, and service companies in all key U.S. industrial markets - with brochures, catalogs, linecards, videos, and links to supplier websites. Users can browse the 6,000 product and service categories, or search by keyword (product, company, or brand name).

Delphion Intellectual Property Network
For international patent and us patent information, the Delphion intellectual property network's patent search database helps businesses perform intellectual property monitoring.Delphion\'s online patent database enables users to search through more than 40 million patent documents from around the world. Business professionals can use the database (for a fee) to track their competitors\' activities, identify patent licensing opportunities, and find and qualify acquisition targets.

stock valuation, newsletter, stock report, institutional software, financial reports, stock research, investment advice, financial,investments, financial research, investment research, income statements, financial advisor, financial planner, financial adviceThis website gives individual investors the kind of quantitative stock analysis that previously was available only to financial professionals.
Build, clean, and update your email database. FreshAddress offers email change of address (ECOA), B2C and B2B email appending, list hygiene, and real-time email validation.When people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs, or email accounts, it can be hard to stay in touch by email. This free email address registry has a feature called the FreshAddress Book that gives members automatic updates of the email addresses of their registered friends and associates.

New and Improved
This entertaining website was created by a company dedicated to innovation and creative improvement. New and Improved helps organizations build innovative high performance teams, improve creativity and interpersonal skills, and develop new products and processes.

redPatent - Protect Your Ideas
This site provides information and help for managing and protecting intellectual property. Innovators can learn to protect ideas, business plans, software code, and other intellectual property by understanding patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other methods of protection.
Here\'s a much-needed service: certified email. As a member, you can certify your email, which the addressee will retrieve by web browser.

ENTERWeb, The Enterprise Development Website
Knowledge Gateway leading to QUALITY sources of information on small business, finance, international trade, entrepreneurship, employment, enterprise development, economics for developed and developing countries.The Enterprise Development Website is an information gateway for entrepreneurs and small businesses, with links to quality sources of information on small business, finance, international trade, entrepreneurship, enterprise development, economics, and more. Find resources on banking, investment, stock markets, and international trade.

Excel Translations, Inc.
Excel Translations provides ISO certified technical translation, software localization, web site localization, internationalization, and globalization services in any foreign language.Excel Translations, Inc. is a company that offers translation and localization services \"in any language you can think of\". This website can be read in several different languages: Dutch, Portuguese, French, Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian.

Good Documents: Intranet Business Writing
This website is designed to help people create effective business documents for corporate intranets and the Internet. Research has shown that intranet documents that make effective use of writing, linking, and layout can reduce the time needed to read onscreen material by more than 50 percent.

DayPlan is a Web-based calendar and group scheduling tool. With this tool, users can post a personal, group, organizational, or family calendar on the Web. Members of a group or organization can share the same public or private calendar and use it from any computer that has WWW access.

WorkSpace Resources
The layout of your workspace and how you interface with it has a big effect on your comfort, productivity, health, and safety. This website is all about the design and furnishing of workspaces, with a particular focus on human/computer interaction. The site offers a comprehensive index of commercial and institutional furniture and accessories, plus information about ergonomics, workplace environments, virtual reality environments, and the electronic classroom.

Find mE-Mail
Change of e-mail addresses directory FREE enrollment search and updateFind mE-Mail is a free service for those who have changed their email addresses or are searching for an old email friend who has changed addresses. Find mE-Mail hosts an interactive database to which a user can add a record containing his or her old email address and new email address, with password protection to ensure that only the addressee can alter the record.

Results: 1 - 14 of 14