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NASA \'s Office of Technology Transfer
Technology transfer involves \"moving ideas, concepts and products from the Government arena into the private sector.\" This site shows how some of NASA\'s discoveries in propulsion, structures, energy generation, aerospace medicine, communications, etc.

This is the home page of TechExpo, a website for technology in the Engineering and Life Sciences. Available here is a fully indexed searchable directory of over 1200 companies and their products and services; \"the largest hi-tech products buyers\' guide anywhere\"; press releases of company and product news; a list of trade associations; a calendar of events (conferences, short courses, and seminars); links to government and university technical sites; newsletters from hi-tech companies; and science and technology books with tables of contents and sample chapters.

itmWEB: The IT Professional\'s Homepage
The itmWEB site is a vast collection of tools, news, features, and resources for information technology professionals. Developed for CIOs, directors, managers, and IS professionals, the site includes systems development and programming content, methodology and project management papers, technology links, and the latest IT news and academic research.
Want to attract more people to your website? This service automatically registers your URL at all the major search engines and indexes. The site submission process takes only about 10 minutes.

This Internet portal and organizational tool is designed to provide the user with access to customized and conveniently organized information from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Unlike generic portals which may not cover the user\'s specific areas of interest, Turboclip allows each user to create a customized portal including chosen fields of interest and to easily organize related information.
This is an ICQ user-to-user help site. Here users can troubleshoot problems via question-and-answer, and find a lot of information about ICQ. The site offers quick tips, links to downloadable ICQ helper software, and help with chat lingo. A large and very helpful section alerts ICQ users to the many hoaxes and cons targeted specifically at them. There is also a good collection of links to other ICQ help sites and FAQs.

Cetus Links: 8600+ Links on Object-Orientation
Cetus Links is an index to Internet addresses (http, ftp, and mailto) about object-orientation. Specialists from various backgrounds and countries have been involved in creating and maintaining the site. The links are divided into the following main areas: general information and links, distributed objects, methods and tools, languages, databases and repositories, advanced topics, services and companies; an overview page introduces each area.

LinkAlarm - Automatic Link Checking Service
Here a service that will check all the internal and external links on your website, automatically and regularly. LinkAlarm tests every link on every page to see if the object in the URL exists, and emails the webmaster a report showing the type and number of broken links; an online report provides more information.

Friendly penguins welcome visitors to Linuxberg, a great place to find applications and games for the Linux operating system. Here are over 500 software items listed alphabetically, by section, and by penguin rating.

RAID Technology
If you want to understand more about RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) technology, check this site from Advanced Computer and Network Corporation. Explained here are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of RAID technology, and recommended uses of each. There is also information on benchmarks and SCSI.

No Wonder
This is a free online tech support community for OS/2, Macintosh, Windows, BeOS, Linux/Unix, and Web/HTML. If you have a problem or a question about hardware or software, No Wonder promises a personal one-on-one response from a volunteer staff person in 24 hours or less.

This site presents an innovative way of offering real-time, one-on-one technical help over the Internet, for both office and home users.
10 The Definitive JavaScript Resource
This JavaScript gateway has extensive links to JavaScript resources on the Web, including downloads, JS source, forums, newsletters, tutorials, and articles. In addition, there are links to general web developer resources including web publishing, streaming media, Internet research, trade shows, ISPs, marketing, and job offers. Here you can test your knowledge with The Challenge, a quiz in three levels of difficulty.
Technology advances so fast, it\'s hard to keep track of the latest versions of all the software products you use. Here\'s the solution. WindowsTracker maintains a database of more than 4,000 applications, patches, and updates for Windows-based PCs.

Here is a new idea for secure email: a communication platform that uses the Point to Point File Transfer Protocol to transfer information instead of Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). Ordinarily, when you send email, it goes first to an email server where it waits in a queue for minutes or hours, depending on the volume of mail; then it goes to another email server where it again waits in a queue. At these points the email could be read, copied, deleted, archived, or forwarded without your knowledge.

Multimedia Authoring Web
This site, sponsored by Maricopa Community Colleges, is a resource collection of around 1,000 categorized links for multimedia and web developers.
Links and searchable resources for multimedia authors and developers.
This website probably has everything you need to know about calculators. It is presented by the makers of Calc98, an engineering, scientific, and financial calculator software which is available as a free download or a browser-based online calculator.The Calculator Home Page has resources, free calculator software downloads, online calculators, units conversions, physical properties and constants, and help.
This website enables you to see how good your Internet privacy is and what information websites can trace about you. There is a full explanation and demonstration of Internet cookies and how they work, and a link to a free program that lets you see all the cookies on your system.

Client/Server Technology
Client/Server Technology (CST) enables companies with mainframe and midrange computers to automatically generate secure, user-friendly, graphical interfaces for terminals, using applications already running on the host computer.

PC911 - Friendly Computer Help
This site is packed with well-written, easy-to-read computer information, emphasizing friendly expert computer help in plain English, not geek-speak. PC911 is designed to help users with PC repair, maintenance, upgrades, PC basics, Windows, and the Internet.

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