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Absolute Mac
auctions and moreThis is a good reference site to visit if you\'re shopping for a Macintosh. Current American, French, and German prices are listed. Users can get an overview of Mac history and anticipate upcoming MacOS systems and PowerPC chips.

Version Tracker
VersionTracker is your source for Mac OS X software downloads, reviews, and software updates for all Mac commercial, shareware and freeware programs.This site is dedicated to tracking the current versions of popular Mac software and posting links to their update files. There are links to information pages if no update is available. The Master Table now lists over 300 programs and continues to grow. T

The Museum of Apple Computer
his website chronicles the history of Apple Computer, Inc. including the computers and people behind them. The Museum is broken up into different displays that show just about everything Apple.
his free web-based Virtual Floppy was designed originally for iMac users, but now is available for PCs also. Because of the iMac\'s lack of a floppy drive, many users have been left to try work-arounds like email attachments and FTP in order to transfer small files from one computer to another.

Mac, iPod, and iPhone Troubleshooting, Support, Help, Tips, How-tos, and NewsHere\'s a Mac troubleshooting site with lots of useful information. Some examples of subjects covered are troubleshooting SCSI Cards; USB cards that cause wake from sleep crash; Palm MacPac issues; Photoshop crop bug; Microsoft Office privacy invasion and GUID numbers; Internet Explorer and Epson conflict; MRJ plugin for Netscape; Sherlock Plug-in; iMac troubleshooting; and more.

The Ultimate Macintosh
The BEST Mac Web Sites - MacworldHere\'s a huge collection of links to quality Macintosh resources on the web. Mac users will be happy to find the latest Macintosh news; Apple Computer pages; software archives; publications; games; references; software and hardware reviews; companies; classified ads; warnings on viruses and bugs; tech support; programming info; newsgroups; user groups; and more.

MacLaunch - The Macintosh Portal
Rated 'The Ultimate Mac Resource' by Mac Home Journal and winner of 'The Best Macintosh Links,' Applelinks is the premier web source for hundreds of thousands of Macintosh users seeking the latest software downloads, product reviews, news, free e-mail and web space.Here is a Mac-centric Web portal, with everything a portal should have: news, reviews, shopping, entertainment, auctions, free email, live chat, a search engine, Internet faxing, package tracking, stock quotes, and more. Mac users will appreciate the Mac product guide, software updates, tech support, and the fully searchable database of Mac-related Internet sites.

Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh Users Group
This Maine Mac user group has created a friendly website with charming and original front-page animation. The group holds free meetings in its hometown. The website describes the benefits of joining a computer user group. Online visitors have access to classified ads, a forum, downloadable Mac newsletters, and useful WWW links.

The aim of this site is to provide a well-balanced resource for the AppleScripting community, from novice to guru. Here you can find everything you need on AppleScript - tutorials, news updates, a moderated bulletin board, an online scripters\' database, extensive scripting links, and a book list.

Results: 1 - 9 of 9