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Global SchoolNet Foundation
Global SchoolNet Foundation brings to this web page 11 years of experience working with students in educational networking.

Museum of the City of San Francisco
Home page of the Museum of the City of San Francisco, with exhibits about the 1906 earthquake, California Gold Rush, internment of the Japanese during World War IIThis engaging site covers all aspects of the history and culture of the colorful city of San Francisco, illustrated with photographs and other artwork.

The Black Collegian Online
Home page for the companion site of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine, featuring free career development advice, industry profiles, job search and resume tools, fellowships, internships, graduate school information, and other opportunitiesThis is the electronic version of the 26-year-old national career opportunities magazine. This magazine offers career planning and job search information, commentary by leading African-American writers, lifestyle and entertainment features, and news of what\'s happening on college campuses today.

Submariners Association (Barrow-in-Furness)
The Submariners Association (Barrow-in-Furness)The site celebrates one hundred years of British submarines. The people of Barrow-in-Furness have been involved in building submarines for the Royal Navy from the Holland 1 in 1901 to the current Astute project.

The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
America's national educational facility with 19 museums, 9 research centers and over 140 affiliate museums around the world.1996 has been the 150th Anniversary of The Smithsonian Institution. At this website you can get an overview of the Smithsonian Museums, read the Encyclopedia Smithsonian FAQ, search for areas of special interest, and find how to plan a visit to the Smithsonian.

Learning Planet
Here\\\'s a colorful and fun website with interactive learning games for preschoolers through sixth-graders.

Absolute Write For Writers
Absolute Write is a resource for writers of all mediums, including screenwriting, freelance writing, novels, playwriting, specialty writing, and non-fiction.

Electric SchoolHouse
Electric SchoolHouse is a free service for schools that keeps parents, teachers and kids in touch with each other.

Free and Comprehensive Online SAT Preparation for College
Here\'s a chance for students to prepare for SAT tests and take practice examinations online. There are several different examination options; you can take tests for free, but you can get additional evaluation and help for a fee.

Huntington College Virtual Campus Tour
This website is a good example of how a college can use the World Wide Web and other media to best advantage in introducing itself to prospective students.

Private Art: WWII Letters To And From Home
This website shares a soldier\'s letters to and from the home front during World War II, during two and a half years in the United States Army in England, Normandy, and most of the European Theater.

The Office of Learning Technologies
Main index page for Learning, Literacy, Skills Development and higher education at Universities, Colleges, and Trade (or Vocational) schools.This Canadian website embraces the use of technology in innovative learning opportunities.

The Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research
The University of Southern California\'s School of Education offers this excellent collection of annotated links on multilingual and multicultural education. This website is home to the nationally recognized Latino and Language Minority Teacher Projects.

Beginning Teacher\'s Tool Box
Designed by teachers for teachers, Beginning Teacher\'s Tool Box provides a place where student teachers, beginning teachers, and substitute teachers can find tools, inspiration, and advice.

Essential Ethics Education
This website provides educators with practical strategies for ethics education and conflict prevention. It includes a seven-year character education program titled Values in Action! for K-12 schools, a newsletter, and kids\' and parents\' pages.

High School Hub
The High School Hub is a gateway to academic resources for high school students. It features a Virtual Reference Desk and subject guides for English, mathematics, social studies, and science.

World Wide Learn
Need to learn WordPerfect? Want to play better chess? Have a longing to speak Klingon?

Memorial Flight Association
This French organization preserves WWI aircrafts and restores them to flying condition. Some of the projects are the only original Spad XIII in the world; Bleriot XI; Fokker DR-I; and the Morane AI.

Smithsonian Natural History Web: African Voices
African Voices is an exhibit at the National Museum of Natural Historythat examines the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa'speoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community,and the natural environment.This beautiful site from the National Museum of Natural History explores the people, culture and dynamic history of the African continent, and the effect of African cultural traditions on the rest of the world.

The Boomerang Box
In Washington State, home of this website, one out of every four people works in international trade in some way. More and more jobs all around the country relate to international trade.

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