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Frustrated by Internet search engines that only make you feel more lost? You could try SearchMill, a live, professional search service.
Internet search engines,Searchmill promises

Quaichang Furball\'s Find-it Easy
The Internet is the largest information medium in our history. To find what you are looking for is easy if you know how and where to search. This page is designed to help anyone, from newbies to veterans, to do comprehensive searches.

Having a hard time tracking down a web page? Check out a free service called Filez. Filez provides WWW users with an easy-to-use form to search through over 60 million files and 4,000 FTP servers.

The Search Centre
This website offers reviews of search engines, and more. Learn how to find facts, people, software, files, website building tools, and news on the Internet.

The Search Page
Directory or hot list of hyperlinks for people who want to search the internet and world wide web (www) for something but don't know where to start.The Search Page is a directory for people who want to search the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) for something but don\'t know where to start.

Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch is the authoritative guide to search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), offering the latest news about search engines.This year, several major search engines were not actively crawling the web for weeks or even months. Listings were going stale, but no one knew. In addition, large sections of the web are becoming invisible to search engines that have not kept pace with developments such as frames.

Texas Tuff\'s Search Engine Links
This site has links to hundreds of search engines with descriptions of the sites. Query multiple search engines simultaneously, or choose the search method best for you.

eXTReMe Search Companion
Here is an all-in-one, fast, flexible, and powerful search tool which connects to over 120 search engines.


Results: 1 - 8 of 8

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