Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
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Internet & Network / Security & Virus 
information  and useful weblinks for computer Security,Internet security , Virus,malwares,eSafe Technologies,Warfare,Monkey Shines Virus and etc
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eSafe Technologies
eSafe is a Real-time Intelligent Content Security Solution. Not just anti virus protection, it's an integrated Content Security and Content Filtering solution with proactive security to protect your network.New Internet technologies such as Active X, Java and others provide advanced functionality, yet expose Internet users to new and increasingly serious threats. eSafe Technologies makes software which combines traditional anti-virus protection with anti-vandal protection (protecting from hostile Java, ActiveX, push agents, etc.) in both individual PC and networked computing environments.

A Guide to Information Warfare
Information warfare (IW) is the use of information in military affairs and strategic planning. It has been divided into command-and-control warfare, intelligence-based warfare, electronic warfare, psychological warfare, hacker warfare, economic information warfare, and cyber warfare.

Computer Virus Myths
\"Malicious virus writers want you to feel frightened. Fear breeds panic ... and your panic serves their intentions. Computer viruses are utterly logical. If you succumb to fear & panic, you lose the fight

Safe Internet Programming
Security breaches are serious: your files could be deleted, read/write access, your private data could be read, or a virus could infect your machine. If you are the victim of a security breach, any data stored on your machine may be read or corrupted.

Results: 1 - 4 of 4