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Privacy Place  
This online magazine concerns itself exclusively with issues of personal privacy. Here you can find out about the latest threats to your privacy and the latest technologies to protect privacy, through news stories, articles, a library of related websites, and links to software you can download.

SafetyEd International
SafetyEd International is a nonprofit organization promoting Internet safety, protection for children, and general safety education.
This website is dedicated to cyberspace anthropology. The site has links to anthropological associations and journals, plus other publications, articles, and excerpts. The articles can be downloaded as PDF files.
Here users can learn a variety of ways to help stop Internet abuses such as unsolicited commercial email, unsolicited bulk email, make money fast schemes, chain letters, rogue sites, etc.

CyberAngels is an all-volunteer Internet safety patrol and monitoring project started by The International Alliance of Guardian Angels.

The ThiemeWorks
The ThiemeWorks offers daily reflections, weekly columns, and illuminating articles about the interaction between ourselves, computer technology, and spirituality.

James Gleick\'s Home Page
James Gleick is the author of Chaos: Making a New Science, and Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman.

The Farr Site
John H. Farr has a way with words - and a love of computers. Here he takes off on a trip through technology, OS wars, natural wonders, and the human condition, sharing observations, humor, and occasional rants.

Timothy Leary\'s Home Page
This home page was the last wish of psychedelic pioneer Timothy Leary, according to friend Doug Rushkoff.

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Anyone who hates spam will love this web resource. Spam, or unsolicited commercial email, is a growing problem on the Internet.

Nerd World
Here\\\'s the cool site for nerds to find content and services that are \\\"pivotal to a happy and healthy Nerdly life.\\\"

The Virtual Community
\"My seven-year-old daughter knows that her father congregates with a family of invisible friends who seem to gather in his computer. Sometimes he talks to them, even if nobody else can see them.

Virtual Institute of Information
The Virtual Institute of Information is a research institute focusing on telecommunications, cybercommunications, and mass media.

Open Diary
Over 1,000 people put their real lives online at this website. Authors range in age from 15 to 79 years old, and hail from the United States and about twenty other countries, including Canada, Israel, Oman, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
New digital networks offer a tremendous potential to empower individuals in an ever-overpowering world. However, every day decisions are being made that will affect the future of communications: decisions that are made before the public even knows that there are choices.

Weekly Web Poll
The Weekly Web Poll poses a new question each week for Internet users. The questions may be about technology, politics, food, entertainment, or any other topic - user suggestions are welcome.

aOnline: The Asian American Digital Network
A study shows that 69% of Asian American households are online, compared to 43% of the general population. America\'s most wired cultural community now has a home online.

Internet Valley Inc.
Internet Valley Inc. is a Sacramento-based consulting and publishing company. This website lays out the history of Silicon Valley and of information technology, and discusses the possible evolution of Silicon Valley to Internet Valley.

Webgrrls! Women on the Web
Webgrrls is a real-world, face-to-face networking group for women in and interested in new media.

Results: 1 - 19 of 19

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