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Cetus Links: 8600+ Links on Object-Orientation
Cetus Links is an index to Internet addresses (http, ftp, and mailto) about object-orientation. Specialists from various backgrounds and countries have been involved in creating and maintaining the site. The links are divided into the following main areas: general information and links, distributed objects, methods and tools, languages, databases and repositories, advanced topics, services and companies; an overview page introduces each area.

itmWEB: The IT Professional\'s Homepage
The itmWEB site is a vast collection of tools, news, features, and resources for information technology professionals. Developed for CIOs, directors, managers, and IS professionals, the site includes systems development and programming content, methodology and project management papers, technology links, and the latest IT news and academic research.

Client/Server Technology
Client/Server Technology (CST) enables companies with mainframe and midrange computers to automatically generate secure, user-friendly, graphical interfaces for terminals, using applications already running on the host computer.

Popular Mechanics - The PM Zone
The PM Zone is a killer website! Popular Mechanics, a print magazine since January, 1902, is now available online in a content-rich website that uses Shockwave, Java, VRML, and other advanced technology (users with slow connections have the option to enter via the two-dimensional interface).

This is the home page of TechExpo, a website for technology in the Engineering and Life Sciences. Available here is a fully indexed searchable directory of over 1200 companies and their products and services; \"the largest hi-tech products buyers\' guide anywhere\"; press releases of company and product news; a list of trade associations; a calendar of events (conferences, short courses, and seminars); links to government and university technical sites; newsletters from hi-tech companies; and science and technology books with tables of contents and sample chapters.

NASA \'s Office of Technology Transfer
Technology transfer involves \"moving ideas, concepts and products from the Government arena into the private sector.\" This site shows how some of NASA\'s discoveries in propulsion, structures, energy generation, aerospace medicine, communications, etc.

BotSpot - The Spot for all Bots on the Net
Here you can chat with Eliza, the very first chatterbot invented at MIT in 1966, designed to simulate a psychotherapist; or find out about the latest bots and intelligent agents on the Internet. This website has 13 searchable bot databases; link to newsbots, commercebots, knowledge bots, searchbots and more! To acknowledge the development of new and useful bots, TeamBot selects a BotSpot of the Week.

Old Town Crossroads
Old Town Crossroads is an imaginary world laid out as a 3-dimensional, interactive town, providing a friendly and well-known place where users can start their Internet adventures. Visitors can start with a map or overview of the town, and can even become citizens of Old Town, which might enable them to feel more at home in cyberspace. There is help for users having difficulties.

WITI-International Network of Women in Technology
WITI is an organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in management and executive positions, helping women become financially independent and technologically literate, and encouraging young women to choose careers in science and technology. This website provides news, career opportunities, live chat, articles and information about new and developing technologies.

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Results: 41 - 49 of 49