Saturday Apr 19, 2014
Instant Provisioning VoIP Service
Eminent Cloud Computing provider Commensus today announced the set up of a new generation of email and application hosting services called V-Cloud Professional. Commensus are providing a one stop cloud shop previously unprecedented in the cloud computing .

Companies are being gifted to fulfil all their email and application wants using a uncomplicated web browser portal on any device, anywhere. From, companies can purchase and instantly use Hosted VoIP Phone Systems.
Steven Fenn, CEO expressed, “This is a noteworthy new service that turns the Cloud Computing market upside down. Whilst first generation Cloud hosting services have involved consultation with sales and engineering staff, V-Cloud Professional gives the complete power of our cloud infrastructure over to the user. This provides businesses who are striving to accommodate to the pace and dynamism of business nowadays to utilise highly resilient virtual machines for their employees, and annoints a fresh era of flexibility.”

Upkeep of in-house email and application servers can be daunting and very expensive. But with hosted email and apps the whole process turns effortless, so that all you have to do is login, customise and begin. You also preserve money as you only have to pay for the resources that you really need.

About Commensus:

Commensus assist customers to preserve money with innovative Cloud IT solutions. They oversee a geographically replicated VMware ESX Enterprise infrastructure created for the FTSE 500 but scaled to be affordable for the small to average sized firm. This is backed by unrivalled technical support and a 99.999% uptime SLA.

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