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File Types

File Types

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Temporary file

A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode on a 286 or 386 computer (filename extension).

Swap file; enables computer running in enhanced mode to use Windows with virtual memory (filename extension).

A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in enhanced mode on a 386, 486, or Pentium computer (filename extension).

Calcomp plotter

MacroMedia Authorware Windows 3.5 (filename extension).

AutoBackup, Corel Draw (filename extension).

Brush - Adobe Photoshop (filename extension).

Keyboard accelerator, Corel Draw 6 (filename extension).

Windows system directory file (filename extension).

Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2 (filename extension).

After Dark

1. Appointment DataBase, HP 100LX (filename extension). 2. Body file type, Ada language (filename extension).

Adapter Driver - OS/2 (filename extension).

AfterDark MultiModule (filename extension).

AfterDark Randomizer (filename extension). AfterDark is a screensaver program that can be set to randomly display a variety of screensaver patterns one after another.

Specification file type, Ada language (filename extension).

Adobe Font Metrics - Type 1 font metrics (filename extension).

Access G4

Adobe Illustrator

Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF (filename extension). A format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac.

Audio Interchange File Format. An uncompressed sound format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac, using QuickTime or Sound Player.

Arts and Letters Library (filename extension).

Animated cursor (filename extension).

ANSI text (filename extension).

Application Program Interface (filename extension). An interface between the operating system and application programs.

MacroMedia Authorware package (filename extension).

ARC or ARC+ compressed

A PC compressed format found on European sites (filename extension), which can be decoded with unArjMac, DeArj, and SITEX10.EXE (win).

An art file, in some draw or paint applications (filename extension).

ASCII text file

Active Streaming File - HoTMetaL Pro (filename extension).

Assembly Source Code

Active Server Page - Microsoft (filename extension).

Assistant file - Claris Works (filename extension). Assistants guide the user through a task by asking a series of questions and then use the answers to perform a task. Assistants in Claris Works can be used to create such useful items as calendars, newsletters, stationery, labels, and address lists, to make footnotes within a file, to find documents, etc.


A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers

AVI movie format

Intel video capture format (filename extension).

Base 64 (filename extension), the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.

Backup copy in DOS or OS/2

BASIC program file


Briefcase document - Windows 95 (filename extension).

Backgammon game (filename extension).

Binary file (filename extension).


A MacBinary II encoded file (filename extension). This file type, downloaded as MacBinary or Binary, can be decompressed with Stuffit Expander.

Backup copy

Backup file (filename extension).

Wordperfect for DOS (filename extension).


Sim City game file (filename extension).

Browse Index (filename extension). Found on multimedia CD-ROMs.

Batch file - Norton Utilities (filename extension).

C program file

Microsoft compressed format

Calendar or CALS


Computer-Based Training; a tutorial file (filename extension).

Corel chart (filename extension).

Lotus cc:Mail (filename extension).

CD Audio track (filename extension).


Corel Draw template (filename extension).

Corel Draw compressed file (file extension).

Visual FoxPro database index (filename extension).

Compton’s multimedia encyclopedia (filename extension).


Corel Flow (filename extension).

Common Gateway Interface (filename extension). A file that makes it possible for HTTP servers to interface with computer programs to provide interactive functions like fill-out forms.

CGM graphics

Checkdisk - DOS

Chapter - Ventura

Chapter Information - Venture

Sim City file (filename extension).

Intergraph scanned image


Command file -- OS/2

Corel MetaFile (filename extension).

SoundBlaster file (filename extension).

LEAD Technologies graphics

Corel Move animation (filename extension).

Configuration file (filename extension).

Compuworks Design Shop (filename extension).

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