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Large computer file extension library with detailed explanation of each type

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Word Definition
.AU A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers
.EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile (filename extension).
.CGI Common Gateway Interface (filename extension). A file that makes it possible for HTTP hosting servers to interface with computer programs to provide interactive functions like fill-out forms.
.AST Assistant file - Claris Works (filename extension). Assistants guide the user through a task by asking a series of questions and then use the answers to perform a task. Assistants in Claris Works can be used to create such useful items as calendars, newsletters, stationery, labels, and address lists, to make footnotes within a file, to find documents, etc.
.ANS ANSI text (filename extension).
.INI Initialization - configuration settings
.ADB Appointment DataBase, HP 100LX (filename extension). 2. Body file type, Ada language (filename extension).
.ADR AfterDark Randomizer (filename extension). AfterDark is a screensaver program that can be set to randomly display a variety of screensaver patterns one after another.
.AIF Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF (filename extension). A format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac.
.BAS BASIC program file
.BK Backup copy
.DOC Document file
.XLS Excel worksheet
.ASC ASCII text file
.BAK Backup copy in DOS or OS/2
.BMP Bitmap
.C C program file
.HPL HP Graphics
.DOX MultiMate document
.htm DOS filename extension for a document with HTML coding, which can be read by WWW browsers.
.MIME MIME (filename extension); the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.
.ICON Sun icon and cursor
SYS System file
.TIF TIFF graphics file
.PCX PC Paintbrush 2. Graphics file - Zsoft format
.TAR Tar - Tape ARchive (filename extension). Tar is a UNIX method of archiving files, which can also be used by PCs. Tar archives files but does not compress them, so sometimes .tar files are compressed with other utilities, which produces extensions like .tar.gz, .tar.Z, and .tgz. Archive files with the .tar extension can be extracted in UNIX with tar or on a PC with WinZip or on the Mac with the program Tar.
.pkg AppleLink package compression format These files are decodable by StuffIt Expander.
.ACV Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2 (filename extension).

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