Thursday Apr 24, 2014
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  • Make Smart IT Investments a New Year's Resolution
    The new year is upon us, and small business owners may want to invest wisely in upgrades to their information technology systems.

  • Crowdsourcing to Spur Innovation and Drive Brand Awareness
    Crowdsourcing has come into its own in recent years. The term is used to describe a collaborative design or advisory effort, typically one that harnesses the Internet; recent high-profile examples of crowdsourcing have helped push the practice into the mainstream. Netflix, for example, offered a $1 million prize to anyone who could build a better recommendation algorithm for its movie-rental website. And a 2004 competition, the Ansari X Prize, offered $10 million to spur the development of privately manned spacecraft.

  • Unconventional Tactics to Bring in Revenue
    Many small business owners are struggling to keep their heads above water in today's economy. Even though large corporations are faring reasonably well, small businesses are suffering in the downturn from which America is just beginning to recover. Recent legislation provides hundreds of millions of dollars for Small Business Administration loan guarantees, but entrepreneurs can't plan to expand unless their revenues recover.

  • Addressing Seasonal Cyclicality in a Small Business
    The holiday season is coming to an end, and retailers have some cause to celebrate. Retail sales were up 1 percent on an adjusted basis through December 24, a far better result than 2008's 2.3 percent decline.

  • Tips for Establishing a Web Presence
    Many small business owners who feel they lack the technical knowledge to build a website for their company do not realize how simple it can be with business software . As e-commerce continues to grow as a way to buy and sell products and services on the internet, small businesses need to learn a few simple steps to online success.

  • Small Business Twitter Tips
    There has been loads of media attention directed toward Twitter, the 140-character microblogging service that allows people and businesses to communicate with their "followers." In addition to being embraced as the next big thing for marketing your company, a number of small business owners have flocked to the blogs to explain how Twitter has helped them build customer relationships and add new names to their customer management database .

  • It Pays to Be Social?Small Business Social Media Strategies
    Technological resources for small businesses are expanding at a rapid pace, with companies now offering everything from accounting solutions to customer management software on a variety of platforms, ensuring that professionals always have access to the tools they need to run their businesses.

  • A Happy Staff is a Productive Staff: How to Motivate Employees
    A company's employees are one of its most valuable assets, and managing them can be one of the most important—yet challenging—tasks required of a small business owner.

  • Well-being: The Smartest Investment of All
    Early morning jog? Check. Take the kids to school? Check. Run a multi-million dollar company? Check. Come home in time for dinner? Check.

  • Listen up! How Customers Can Guide Marketing, Product Development, and More
    One of the most valuable tools available to small businesses is simple. It often requires no fancy business software , and it sometimes requires no monetary investments at all. Sometimes, all a small business has to do is listen.

  • How to Win the Venture Capital Game
    The competition for venture capital is fierce. The initial public offering market is down, venture capital firms are scaling back on investments, and the number of entrepreneurs seeking funding has remained the same, if not grown.

  • How to Encourage Health and Wellness at Work
    A small business owner has so many tasks and responsibilities to think about that it can be only too easy for health and wellness concerns to fall through the cracks.

  • Choosing the Best Name for Your Small Business
    What's in a name? For business owners, the answer is: a great deal. Prospective customers will look to your business' name to get a sense of who you are and what you represent. They will also include this element as part of their decision-making process when choosing between your firm and a competitor.

  • Building Trust in Your Small Business
    Small businesses may have a competitive advantage over their larger counterparts in at least one respect: trust. According to a 2007 Harris Interactive poll, 96 percent of people have either "a great deal of trust" or "some trust" in small business. No other private or public institution received this large a vote of confidence.

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