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Q&A with DSTRUX CEO and Founder

1. What is DSTRUX?

a. DSTRUX is a cloud-based information-sharing platform that enables you to keep total control over anything you share online. With DSTRUX recipients are unable to print, save or even screen capture anything you share. When a DSTRUX file is forwarded the original sender can track everyone that receives it and designates which of these recipients may view it. For the first time ever you can now control and track your digital belongings throughout the web.

2. Why did you create DSTRUX?

a. My initial motivation was a build up over the years recognizing that everything you share on the web is essentially public and permanent. I felt that there was an opportunity to give people an option to control the things they share on the Internet. From controlling how long you see them and who sees them and having the information only temporarily available, I thought this was a very compelling value proposition. With DSTRUX, when you send a file at the end of the time limit the data that was on the servers is completely shredded and then written over so it is really erased and permanently deleted.

3. Can DSTRUX, as a company, see what is being shared via the platform?

a. DSTRUX allows you to leave zero digital footprints. We don’t look at a single thing you share ever. Every file is encrypted and travels in secure encrypted tunnels known as SSL. When the files are self-destructed, they are completely shredded. No one including DSTRUX, the recipients, or anyone else who was forwarded the file can access it ever again.

4. How can I sign up?

a. Signing up for a DSTRUX account can be done by either downloading the iOS app on the iTunes store or at with your Facebook account or by entering an email address and password.

5. How long has DSTRUX been around?

a. DSTRUX launched on the web in April 2014 and a few weeks ago on iOS. Android will be available this winter 2014.

6. How much does DSTRUX cost?

a. DSTRUX is currently free of charge however; we will operate on a freemium basis beginning this January 2015 where you will receive the entire service for free, but when you want more of it there will be a monthly membership fee starting at $6.99 scaling up to $10.99.

7. How does the self-destruct timer work?

a. When sharing a document online, the sender can specify a time limit for how long the recipient will be allowed to view the file before it disappears for good. You can set the timer from anywhere between 1 second up to 30 days.

8. What is Dnote and how does it work?

a. We just launched Dnote a few weeks ago allowing users on the web to compose personal messages that have the same functionality and limitations as attached documents. It’s a simple easy way to share a self-destructing thought and even add a picture for effect.

9. How are people currently using the product and how do you foresee them using it in the future?

a. People are using DSTRUX in a myriad of ways from sharing personal photos and messages to sensitive documents online. We see DSTRUX as the beginning of a long-term shift in sharing information on the web. The need for privacy, security, and most importantly control are now available and we can offer people a luxury they never had before.

10.How many users does DSTRUX currently have?

a. Our user base is growing every day. People are discovering interesting ways and use cases to share their information on DSTRUX. In the next few months we are rolling out some amazing new features that will help us go mainstream very quickly.