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10 Great Paid Software Applications

With this you can access your files from any remote location as long as you have an internet connection. So even if you forgot to store some of that data in a pen drive or floppy while traveling for work, rest assured that you can access those files through GoToMyPC. In fact when you have this application, you do not need to carry USB devices. The application also allows you to control your desktop and manipulate the files. The app costs about $18.65.

2) RoboForm – If it is overwhelming to remember a number of complex passwords and login ids for access to different files on your system, you need an efficient password manager. RoboForm is an application that automatically saves your usernames and passwords for different sessions, email accounts and sites. You just need to click and login like you click on a browser bookmark to reach a site. RoboForm also helps you to quickly fill in forms that call for personal details: name, date of birth, address, email ids etc. So you can save yourself the trouble of typing in same information when you fill in online forms. The new price is only $9.95 for one year subscription.

3) SnagIt – At times, you need to take screen shots of web pages and to capture information reflected by other software applications on your computer. SnagIt is ideal for such times. The app not only takes standard screen shots (as taken by the Print Screen button on your keyboard) but also lets you capture the details that are not fully visible on the screen and remain hidden on the sides. SnagIt has an excellent scroll capture function and features to edit the final screenshot too. The application costs $49.95.

4) OneNote – A great application by Microsoft, OneNote is an electronic version of a paper notebook. You can use this to put your notes, thoughts, ideas, and reminders in writing. Unlike traditional document formats such as word-processing or spreadsheet programs, OneNote gives you a free-form canvas that can be used for typing, writing, or drawing notes in the form of text, graphics, and images at any part of the sheet. The app is a part of Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student package.

5) Windows Live OneCare- If you need a complete security package for Windows Vista, your search for the best option ends with Windows Live OneCare. The application effectively safeguards your PC and completely integrates into Windows Vista. It is totally unobtrusive and does not interfere with the working of other applications and software programs on your machine. Applications for Mac

6) Postbox – With Postbox on your Mac Notebook, you can easily find, use, and view email messages while also organizing different tasks for the day. Postbox works unobtrusively to catalog different things in your email including every bit of text, all contacts, addresses and links, images, documents and other attachments. You can enjoy smart search features and more intuitive views of your inbox along with tools to help you get organized.

7) Coda – This is useful Mac based software for website developers. It helps to build powerful websites right from the scratch and further helps in the management of files with FTP functionality called Transmit. With Coda on your Mac, you can easily manage files, edit codes, preview and debug all from the Terminal offered by the software. To summarize, Coda is a single window web development tool for MAC OSx.

8) Billings 3 – A useful application for people in finance and accounts. This intuitive tool delivers a wide variety of smart features that help you track your time and expenses, and prepare high quality bills smoothly. With more than 30 professionally designed templates and features to monitor client accounts, coherent workflow and spontaneous interface, billing tasks become very simple. Functions like recurring and consolidated invoices, individual time-entry annotation and overdue client monitoring assist you in faster entry of details. The app costs $ USD 39.99.

9) Scrivener – This is a word processor and project management Mac application devised for authors of text based documents. If you are into a lot of writing work for novels, screenplays, and /or research papers, this will be worth its price. It combines several writing tools into a single app, and also offers full-screen editing, which is good for blocking out computer distractions. The application is available for $39.99.

10) App Zapper – If you are tired of too many, redundant applications on your Mac machine and want to free some space on the disk by uninstalling them, you have an excellent solution in App Zapper. Deleting applications is not as easy as dragging them to Trash folder because the support files continue to clutter your system. With App Zapper, you can easily get rid of all files related to an app and delete them with one click.

App Zapper 2 – the latest version is available only for $12.95. With these applications and software tools on your system, you can really optimize its working and make the best of its functionalities.

About the Author: Frank Johnson is a regular editorial contributor on technology products and services and business operation tips that help small to mid size enterprises. To know more about other paid software applications.

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