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Being a European sensation is a nice feeling, but when you’re unknown in the U.S., it makes customer acquisition a bit trickier. That’s been the scene at 1&1 Internet, a company that’s now trying to make it across the pond.

Being a European sensation is a nice feeling, but when you’re unknown in the U.S., it makes customer acquisition a bit trickier. That’s been the scene at Berwyn-based Web hosting firm 1&1 Internet, a company that’s conquered Europe and is now trying to make it across the pond in the U.S. Company director Mark Beyer talks about Web tools, new products, and being one of the good guys.

How did 1&1 Internet get started?

It’s a classic tale of “opposites attract.” Initially, 1&1 was a pure marketing company that merged with Schlund & Partner, a pure technology company, in 1997.

This merger married 1&1’s marketing expertise with Schlund & Partner’s technological expertise. The rest is history. Now 1&1 is Europe’s largest Web hosting company.

What got you personally interested in doing this work?

For most small businesses, their marketing plans consist of a Web site as a basic requirement. I was interested in how we could help these businesses develop an Internet presence, competing and communicating more effectively.

Why do you think there’s a need for your services?

1&1 feels that a domain and a Web site will be as common as cell phones in a couple of years. We believe advanced, yet simple-to-use Web host tools that help small and medium-sized businesses as well as SOHO users help individuals maximize their Web presence, and will be valued.

How is the company unique in the marketplace?

What really makes 1&1 Internet unique is that we are a one-stop shop, offering a diverse set of Web hosting products and services. We control the entire value and are therefore able to be always the first to market new products. We are dedicated to helping our more than 2 million customers succeed at their core businesses and because of that dedication we’ve been able to grow and innovate to provide even more technologically advanced products and services.

In the past we’ve tried growing through acquisition, but haven’t been able to find the right fit for us so we were forced to grow organically. This actually paid off for us because in July of last year we were recognized through an independent survey conducted by Netcraft, Ltd. as the fastest growing hosting provider.

What are the largest challenges that you see in providing your service?

Our biggest challenge, for sure, is coming here to the US and trying to establish ourselves as a credible and viable company. We’re good guys and gals and we understand our business. It’s just hard to communicate this because the market is very fragmented and there are a lot of options for customers.

Do you have anything in the works for the future?

In January, we launched our full product portfolio with a full range of services. We’ll offer instant domain registration, shared hosting, dedicated servers, e-shops and much more. We’re excited about what that’s going to bring in the future.

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