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February 2011

STMicroelectronics Raises Reliability and Efficiency for Ultra-Compact LED Lamps

GENEVA Feb. 22, 2011

LED lighting, including retrofit bulbs, is expected to account for 80% of the lighting market by 2020 or sooner. Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) cuts bill-of-materials costs for retrofit bulbs, thereby reducing the payback time, while also simplifying design and reducing the space occupied by LED control circuitry.

The new HVLED805 integrates an 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET, achieved using ST's high-voltage integration process, which is higher than in competing devices and hence offers greater reliability. The high-voltage on-chip startup circuitry allows the device to start reliably when the AC line voltage is applied to the lamp.

Further technical information:

Primary-side regulation maintains the constant LED current that is needed to ensure consistent light output, without requiring the current-sensing components and opto-coupler used in conventional secondary-side regulation. The elimination of these components decreases the cost and size of the LED driving circuitry and saves current-sensing losses, improving overall efficiency.

Using PSR, the HVLED805 guarantees LED current regulation to within 5% accuracy. Reliability is also enhanced, due to the elimination of the opto-coupler in the secondary side, whose degradation can significantly decrease the mean-time-between-failure of the lamp.

The HVLED805 PSR controller integrates high-voltage startup for efficient power-on, and the robust 800V power MOSFET allows a reduction of the snubber network. The highly efficient quasi-resonant (QR) operating mode further boosts energy savings for LED lighting and dramatically reduces the EMI filtering required, saving space and costs.

Major features of

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Solar Rainbow to Install 1.3 Megawatt 400,000 sq. ft. Solar System on JORDACHE Rooftop in New Jersey

NEW YORK Feb. 22, 2011 Kirk Roller UNI-SOLAR New Jersey

South Plainfield, New Jersey

Mr. Bawabeh stated, "JORDACHE'S decision to adopt solar energy in such a large way is a powerful leadership move. We are delighted to be able to work with them as they take a lead in going green on a corporate level."  

Eddie Ben Aderet

The energy generated from the installation on the JORDACHE rooftop will create about 1,430  megawatt hours (MWH) per year.  This is enough energy to power about 250 American homes.  The emission savings is equivalent to taking 80 cars off the road every year, and it will reduce CO2 emissions annually by 1,100 tons.

"The most difficult obstacle to selling a solar system is educating the customer," stated Mr. Bawabeh.  "Once they realize that they can protect the environment while getting a great return on investment, they begin to move forward.  Companies can take advantage of the 100% bonus depreciation of the system cost in the first year, as well as, a 30% Federal Cash Grant.  Additionally, there is also an income stream of SRECS and Electricity savings."

Kirk Roller Carlisle

South Plainfield

New York City residential and commercial real estate <a href="http://www.jorda

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Advancing Patient Care and Driving Economic Impact, Indiana’s Health Information Technology Innovation Cluster Serves as National Model

ORLANDO, Fla. Feb. 22, 2011 $202 million Indiana

Indiana Indiana Indiana

Indiana Indiana

Indiana David Johnson

$115 million Indiana

$42 billion

$202 million $90 million Indiana

Information Services/Software Development businesses claim 58 percent of the sector's jobs; consulting jobs are 27 percent of the employment numbers and Electronic Medical Record companies/Health Information Exchanges have 15 percent of the HIT workforce.  Overall, health IT jobs have grown 61% over the last five years.


Northern Indiana

As quality of patient care increasingly became an issue in the healthcare industry, the founders of MIE launched  The company has developed one of the leading personal health record systems in the country due to its interoperability with various EHR technologies

[Read More...] Provides Free Investor-to-Investor Exchange Platform for Municipal Bond Sellers, Buyers

SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 22, 2011 the United States

Kevin Olson

With so many investors looking to sell their municipal bonds under extraordinarily difficult market conditions, the bid-side of the equation is particularly bad for sellers.  "One of the fundamental problems with the muni markets is that the bid-side is captive and closed," Olson said.  "Your bonds are held at a dealer securities account.  If you want or need to sell, you get one bid from your broker.  That bid may be your broker's bid, or your broker's trading desk could have gone out and gotten another bid and kept a nice spread for itself.  There may be a few layers of bids and spreads before a final buyer is found.  The result is neither seller nor buyer gets the best prices.  Unfortunately this is common practice."

To use, investors simply post the municipal bonds they want to sell and their contact information on the form provided by the site.  At the end of the bidding period, the investor (or his broker, where bonds are held in account) and the winning bidder's broker will write the trade tickets.

Olson has also launched a public finance watchdog and investor advocacy Web site,, with the goal of improving municipal public finance and helping municipal market investors.

[email protected] [email protected]


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EPrize’s New Multi-Channel Marketing Platform Engages Consumers via Mobile Phones, Facebook and the Web

PLEASANT RIDGE, Mich. Feb. 22, 2011 ePrize

The multi-channel method combines the power of key outlets like Twitter, Facebook, SMS text messaging and smartphone applications to maximize campaign impact while appealing to each consumer's evolving preferences.

Gartner Research

Matt Wise

Leading multi-channel retailer HSN utilized ePrize's multi-channel platform for the "Great Gift Giveaway" promotion throughout the holiday season. For this single campaign, consumers were invited to enter the interactive gaming promotion on, through Facebook, SMS text messaging and smartphone applications, all of which were managed by ePrize.

Amber Minson

With ePrize's technology infrastructure and engagement marketing strategies that have served 76 of the nation's top 100 brands, clients who utilize the new multi-channel platform are provided with:

  • Individual channel metrics for measurement consistency and key performance statistics
  • Proven technology engine to allow for efficient development
  • Fraud-detection and continuous operational support for uninterrupted consumer experiences
  • Agency services including marketing strategy and creative execution
  • In-house legal expertise and administration


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Cellcom Israel Schedules Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2010 Results Release for March 15, 2011

Israel February 22, 2011 December 31, 2010 Tuesday, March 15, 2011

9:00 am ET 6:00 am PST 13:00 GMT Israel

To participate, please call one of the following teleconferencing numbers. Please begin placing your calls at least 10 minutes before the conference call commences. If you are unable to connect using the toll-free numbers, please try the international dial-in number.

                         US Dial-in Number: 1-888-407-2553                         UK Dial-in Number: 0-800-917-9141                        Israel Dial-in Number: 03-918-0610                   International Dial-in Number: +972-3-918-0610                                        at:                             9:00 am ET; 6:00 am PST;                       13:00 GMT Time; 15:00 Israel Time

About Cellcom Israel

September 30, 2010 Israel Israel's Israel

     Company Contact      Yaacov Heen     Chief Financial Officer     [email protected]     Tel: +972-52-998-9755      Investor Relations Contact     Porat Saar & Kristin Knies     CCG Investor Relations Israel & US     [email protected]     Tel: +1-646-233-2161   
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SunPower Executives to Speak at Key Investor Events in the First Quarter of 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif. Feb. 22, 2011

February 23 9:00 a.m. EST Tom Werner New York City

Julie Blunden San Francisco 12:40 PST March 3

About SunPower

San Jose, Calif. North America Europe Australia Asia

SunPower is the registered trademark of SunPower Corp. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  

SOURCE SunPower Corp.

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CNPS Unleashed to Boost Online Sales and Combat ‘Friendly Fraud’ Chargebacks

NEW YORK Feb. 22, 2011

$139 billion dollars

"Friendly fraud" occurs when a consumer purchases an item, receives it, and without valid reason refuses acceptance of the charge for the transaction by initiating a chargeback with their bank/card issuer. Friendly fraud is basically online shoplifting. When a chargeback is initiated, under current consumer protection regulations, the burden of proof is placed on the merchant to produce irrefutable legal evidence of proof of purchase. More often than not, the final decision favors the friendly fraudster.

Greg Wooten

SignatureLink CNPS technology is the missing link for the card-not-present (CNP) eCommerce industry to validate and certify every purchase transaction as a legally binding agreement. The virtual signature pad, once deployed, will grant all online payment transactions equal access to the same legal protection and defense afforded to card-present transactions with a signature. The patent-pending process in which SignatureLink records an electronic signature is HIPPA compliant and attorney tested to be 100% legal and compliant with both U.S. Federal UETA of 1999 and ESIGN Act of 2000.

Utilizing human factors engineering, USDT and SignatureLink designed the online signature pad to mirror the look and feel of a typical card-present signature pad consumers are already familiar with, eliminating confusion and creating easy adoption. The purchaser simply signs the signature pad with a stylus or mouse during the checkout process. Once executed, the signature, transaction details and terms and conditions are captured and the detailed record is then archived in SignatureLink's PCI &a

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Raritan Introduces Industry’s Most Secure and Comprehensive Solution for Managing Remote Server Racks and Branch Offices

SOMERSET, N.J. Feb. 22, 2011 Raritan

FIPS 140-2 encryption Smart Card/Common Access Card (CAC)


Raritan CommandCenter® Secure Gateway  5.1

Richard Dominach Raritan

The KSX II is targeted at the millions of computer rooms, labs, and data centers with racks of serial and KVM controlled devices, as well as small- and medium-size (SMB) businesses that have little or no IT support on premises.


More about the Dominion KSX II

The Dominion KSX II secure appliance provides:

  • Award-winning KVM-over-IP performance, reliability, usability and security.
  • BIOS-level control of equipment with KVM interfaces.  
  • True serial remote access and control of serial devices (without requiring an expensive, powered dongle); console-level control via SSH, Telnet or Raritan Serial Client.
  • Virtual Media to install software, run hardware diagnostics, transfer files and for remote booting.
  • Advanced security features, such as FIPS 140-2 encryption,
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Multicore Association Announces Six New Corporate and Two University Members

Membership Growth Demonstrates Strategic Value of Evolving Multicore Standards

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. Feb. 22, 2011 University of Tsukuba

Markus Levy

Multicore represents a significant trend in processor technology and is being adopted by the majority of system developers seeking higher performance capabilities and lower power consumption. The Multicore Association is working to enable the widespread adoption of multicore processor implementations by setting standards and guidelines for how systems will be utilized and programmed.

NetLogic Microsystems

Netronome Systems

OneAccess Europe


Sage Electronic Engineering

UltraSoC Technologies

The Multicore Association provides three levels of membership, with Executive Board, Working Group, and University members. The Executive board sets the overall direction of the organization. Working group members are eligible to work on any of the working groups. University members may participate in any of the Multicore Association's ongoing development work, for which current projects include multicore virtual machine interface standardization, multicore resource management and communication APIs, and multicore programming practices.

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