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July 2011

Motricity Joins the MMA as a Global Premium Member


Motricity's founder and CEO, Ryan Wuerch MMA Global Board of Directors the MMA Marketer and Agency Global Awards program MMA North American Regional Executive Committee

Greg Stuart

"The Mobile Marketing Association brings the leading brands and agencies in the world together to advance and accelerate the adoption of mobile marketing and advertising," Wuerch said. "Mobile marketing and advertising is a key growth area for Motricity, and as an MMA board member, I look forward to helping the MMA shape the direction of the industry."

In addition to providing support for the Annual Awards Dinner and Ceremony, Motricity will sponsor the post-award gallery, which will showcase the best and brightest creative talent in the mobile marketing industry.

In conjunction with its premium membership, Motricity will also assume a thoughtleadership role by hosting several Innovator Roundtable Dinners, a private dinner gathering of sele

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ViaSat Introduces SurfBeam 2 Broadband Networking System

CARLSBAD, Calif. July 11, 2011 satellite broadband

SurfBeam 2 system Canada Europe

Roberto Vitalone

Through a design based on terrestrial networking standards, SurfBeam 2 brings economies of scale, easy customer provisioning, and mature network management options to satellite broadband providers. The system combines the terminal pricing, data speeds, network scale, and management systems needed to deliver a fast web experience that enables satellite service to compete effectively against terrestrial alternatives such as DSL. A number of new elements are included in the design:

  • Higher integration of elements in the modem, RF equipment, and gateway electronics for lower costs and increased reliability
  • Integrated web acceleration for improved user experience through high-speed response when browsing or uploading and downloading video, music, and photos
  • More powerful network traffic processing and management
  • Simplified user terminal installation and provisioning
  • Complete gateway-to-customer system architecture, but a modular design to fit turn-key network installations or in
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Awkward Family Photos Makes Its Board Game Debut

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. July 11, 2011

In this down economy, more Americans are turning to board games as a source of entertainment and connectivity.  According to a survey by the NPD Group, an organization tracking the toy industry, the overall toy segment was down three percent, yet board games were up six percent in 2010. "I'm proud to contribute to America's appreciation for traditional game play with fun, creative games that promote laughter and discussion," says Eric Poses, President of All Things Equal. "Games like Awkward Family Photos are the perfect way to bring people together and celebrate the gloriously odd side of family. We've all cringed at embarrassing moments caught on film. Awkward Family Photos is an opportunity to embrace those moments and realize we're not alone."

Mike Bender $24.99



the United States $25 million Miami Beach, FL.


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Ecology Coatings Responds to Marketplace With Expanded Sales Team and Upgraded Lab Facilities

WARREN, Mich. July 11, 2011 Ecology Coatings, Inc. Akron, Ohio

Newly purchased test and measurement equipment will accelerate product development and testing of the company's high performance UV-curable coatings for its target markets, which include labeling and packaging. For example, the ability to rapidly evaluate new coatings on paper or polymer film label stock materials in simulated press conditions is critical to the success of sales activities targeting the prime label and packaging markets. Customers require data simulating their production conditions for the curing speed, coating viscosity, coat weight and the resistance of the coating to water, solvents and abrasion, for their applications. With timely information, time to market will be greatly enhanced.  

Companies such as P&G, Wal-Mart and Kaiser Permanente are asking their supply chain questions about energy use and hazardous waste created per unit of output. Supply chains must reevaluate their existing materials and manufacturing methods to meet rigorous environmental standards being established by their customers. These evaluations have a trickle-down effect on the supply chain, including companies providing coatings, which are used on almost every product produced, packaged or containing a label.

Bob Crockett [email protected]

About Ecology Coatings, Inc.

Warren, Michigan <span class="x

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Bullhorn Launches Free Social Recruiting Platform for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

BOSTON July 11, 2011 Bullhorn Reach

Art Papas

A Single Platform to Manage Social Recruiting.

"For candidates, putting a resume on a job board means risking their current position. Recruiters are on the other end trying to reach qualified people before they get scooped up. Bullhorn Reach solves that problem," said Papas. "We have a feature called Radar that identifies potential job seekers, often before they send out a single resume. It also helps talented professionals connect with great opportunities without broadcasting their intentions."

Radar Finds Passive Job Seekers First.

Mark Leon Aon Hewit

Analytics Enable Adjustments and Measurement.

James McKinstry

Why Now?

About Bullhorn

Boston London Sydney

SOURCE Bullhorn

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SUNGEN as a Thin Film Technology and Manufacturing Leader is Your Most Reliable Supplier for the Highest Quality Modules

HONG KONG July 11, 2011 Hong Kong

Australia China Europe India Latin America Middle East Africa South-East Asia USA


Silicon thin film was invented in 1975 with the state of the art semiconductor technology. The earliest solar farm with silicon thin film models has been operating successfully for more than 27 years. Compared to crystalline modules and other thin film technologies, there are several unique advantages for thin film silicon solar panel which results in more power generation each year:

  1. The thermal coefficient of thin film silicon is less than half of the conventional silicon modules which delivers better power performance during high temperatures.
  2. The weak light effect of silicon thin films allows it to generate power when the light intensity is low (i.e. working earlier in the morning and until later in the afternoon).
  3. Thin film is the only thin film technology that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  
  4. It consumes far less energy in the production process than convention crystalline silicon modules.
  5. Thin film silicon module is less sensitive to shadow which makes it perfect for BIPV and roof top installations.
  6. The micro texture on the
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“iPS cell Generation” Patent Landscape 2011

NEW YORK July 11, 2011

iPS cell Generation" Patent Landscape 2011"-Patent-Landscape-2011.html#utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=Biological_Therapy

IP Overview presents a patent mapping analysis of the "induced pluripotent stem cell" field.

Stem cell based therapies raise high hope concerning the treatment of several human diseases. However, there still exists a great deal of social, economic and scientific uncertainty surrounding the use of stem cells, especially over the use of human embryonic stem cells. The recent development of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) bypass some of those critical issues by developing pluripotent stem cells customized to the patient, easy to produce and that does not require the use of embryos.

Several techniques have been developed and protected for the production of iPS cells such as the Thomson's and Yamanaka's techniques that have been published simultaneously. Indeed, since 2005, many new players (mainly institutional applicants) positioned on the thematic to bring their own brick to this technology. The setting up of winning patent strategies by existing actors and potential new entrants requires the ability to navigate accurately through the current patent landscape.

Shinya Yamanaka Kyoto University James Thomson University of Wisconsin-Madison Rudolf Jaenisch Kyoto Univer

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Lancope Extends NetFlow-Based Behavioral Analytics to the Perimeter for Greater Contextual Awareness

ATLANTA LAS VEGAS July 11, 2011 Lancope, Inc.


Joe Yeager

Extending behavioral analytics to the perimeter vastly improves risk posture, as well as a wide range of other IT initiatives including policy management, network troubleshooting and compliance. These new capabilities will initially support NSEL flow data from Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances, and will also support other firewalls in the future. As additional security devices on the market such as IDS/IPS add support for NetFlow and other types of flow data, Lancope will extend these capabilities to those technologies as well.

Mike Potts

Lancope's StealthWatch fills in the gaps between other network and security technologies to provide faster troubleshooting and more secure, high-performance networks. By leveraging flow data from existing devices, the system eliminates blind spots, cuts network and security management costs and dramatically reduces the time from problem onset to resolution.

Not relying on signature updates, StealthWatch uncovers sophisticated, zero-day attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, as well as internal threats such as policy violations, network misuse, unauthorized access, device misconfigurations and data leakage. Advanced features including application and identity awareness, as well as automatic threat prioritization and mitigation, also make the system ideal for other efforts such as forensic investigations. StealthWatch is scalable

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LONDON July 11, 2011


- Get on trend with themed holidays and lifestyle locations in the world's wackiest hotel hideaways -

As the trend for all things 'lifestyle' continues to grow, so does the trend of the boutique hotel. Over the last few years, reports have shown a rise in popularity for hotels that fit within a holiday theme or lifestyle personality rather than just acting as a place to stay. To serve the trend, numerous novelty hotels have cropped up year after year, dotted throughout different parts of the world.

flights to Bangkok New York Amsterdam

Nadine Hallak

"No longer serving as just somewhere to stay, hotels today serve to act as either a home away from home, or an alternate universe where travellers can literally live out a dream or lifestyle interest," adds Hallak.


Stuttgart, Germany cheap flights to Stuttgart

Qbic Amsterdam

Amsterdam Amsterdam cheap flights to Amsterdam

Jumbo Hostel Sweden

Stockholm's Arlanda Airport<

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SolFocus Announces New CPV System that Leverages Proven Panel Technology and Optimizes Installation for Large-scale Deployments

SAN JOSE, Calif. July 11, 2011

The new design capitalizes on the success of the company's proven SF-1100P concentrator panel, but increases the level of factory integration, simplifies the mechanical structure, and improves logistics packaging.  Each SF-1136SX provides 15.6kWp DC power and is sized for easy installation, minimal impact from the wind, and reduced touch-points in the field.  

Mark Crowley

The SF-1136SX is constructed using Multi-Panel Assemblies (MPAs) of four panels each, with nine MPAs comprising a single array. The MPAs are precision-assembled at the factory and completely eliminate any field alignment requirements. Installation of the equipment now comprises a series of non-specialized assembly steps, followed by a totally automatic calibration process prior to the start of energy generation.

Bob Legendre

SolFocus systems are industrialized, using field-proven materials such as glass and aluminum to ensure that they will withstand years of harsh outdoor exposure and continue to generate energy at the predicted high level. Additional benefits include reduced structural steel, more kilowatts per tracker and the lightest environmental footprint of any solar technology.

The SF-1136SX will begin to be deployed early in the fourth quarter this year.

San Francisco July 12-July 14, 2011

About SolFocus

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Nirvanix Cloud Architect to Participate in NASCAR Hosted Sports Asset Management Panel

SAN DIEGO July 11, 2011 Brian Schwarzentruber Sports Asset Management, an SVG event NASCAR Media Group

What: Tiered Storage, Including 'The Cloud': Managing and Mitigating Risks . Ken Boudreau Mark Haden Tom McGowan Scott Rinehart


Tuesday, July 19 1:30-2:15 PM

Sports Asset Management, an SVG event, hosted by the NASCAR Media Group: Charlotte, North Carolina

About Nirvanix

One Click Twitter

One Click

Sonal Dave
[email protected]

SOURCE Nirvanix

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Equifax Announces Earnings Release Date and Conference Call for Second Quarter 2011 Results

ATLANTA July 11, 2011 June 30, 2011 Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8:30 a.m. EDT Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011 11:30 a.m. EDT August 4, 2011 11:30 a.m. EDT

Conference call numbers:  U.S. 888-203-1112; International 719-457-0820.  Access code:  7160465.

About Equifax

Equifax is a global leader in consumer and commercial information solutions, providing businesses of all sizes and consumers with information they can trust. We organize and assimilate data on more than 500 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide, and use advanced analytics and proprietary technology to create and deliver customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.


SOURCE Equifax

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Global DMS’ Global Kinex Directly Integrated to Deliver Appraisals Through GSEs’ Uniform Collateral Data Portal

LANSDALE, Pa. July 11, 2011

March 19, 2012 $1

$1 $1 September 1, 2011 $1 $3

December 1, 2011 March 19, 2012

Global DMS clients using the premium versions of eTrac and Oasis may access Global Kinex directly from their valuation management platforms. One click uploads the appraisal, converts the data if needed, and reviews the appraisal for both UAD and "hard-stop" discrepancies. Global Kinex can be easily integrated into most loan origination systems, so companies not currently using the premium versions of eTrac or Oasis can very easily access all of the Global Kinex benefits. After integration, users will have the same single-click ability to convert data, subject the appraisal to a UAD review and compliantly submit the appraisal data to the GSEs through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal.

Vladimir Bien-Aime

Bien-Aime adds that efficiency is a key benefit of using an approved delivery technology like Global Kinex. "Without a technology like Global Kinex, lenders will be spending up to 5-15 minutes to deliver appraisals, plus there's a maximum upload limit of 10 files at a time. We're offering special pricing to help lenders, appraisers and AMCs get started down the right path. Cost should never be a barrier to tools that increase safety and compliance."

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Blackboard Launches New, Real-Time Collaboration Platform Built for Education

LAS VEGAS July 11, 2011 Blackboard Collaborate™

The platform integrates seamlessly with an institution's learning management system and can also be used independently to enable a wide range of informal interactions across the institution including office hours, school services, student-to-student interaction, and more. The enhanced platform can also support administrative interactions, staff meetings and professional development sessions as well as larger events. The platform's versatility allows for engagement across the academic community and drives outcomes by promoting a deeper level of interaction.

Debbie Faires San Jose State University

While the new release includes many features that will be familiar to current Elluminate and Wimba customers, improvements include a simpler user interface, enhanced video conferencing capabilities, and support for learning that evolves from ad-hoc to formal to on-demand. The entire platform was designed with input from professional educators and students who participated in a Product Advisory Council to help guide its development.

Maurice Heiblum

Blackboard Learn

A cornerstone of the Blackboard Collaborate platform is its focus on accessibility – Blackboard's Accessibility Task Force includes a cross-functional team that has partnered with leading accessibility consultant SSB BART Group to ensure that the solution meets a wide range of client needs with applications usable by everyone.

Blackboard Collaborate clients also have access to professional services offerings and a group of su

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Sybase Enterprise Mobility Solutions Complement Cisco Cius Debut in Enterprise Tablet Market

LAS VEGAS July 11, 2011 Afaria Sybase® Unwired Platform

With the exponential growth of personally owned and corporate-liable tablets entering the enterprise, businesses are seeking a comprehensive platform to simplify and centralize the development, deployment, management and security of their mobile application landscapes across a widening array of device types. The Cisco Cius business tablet brings innovative new voice, video, collaboration and virtualization capabilities to enterprise users. By combining Cisco Cius and Sybase's leading enterprise mobility solutions, organizations can now deliver an optimized tablet containing enterprise-grade management, security and a suite of collaboration applications.

Terry Stepien

Built on proven technology, the Sybase Unwired Platform and Sybase Afaria are designed to improve customer efficiency, responsiveness and satisfaction through development and management of user-friendly, highly productive native and web-based applications. These applications are designed to mobilize business processes and workflow, and provide real-time access to back-office systems across the enterprise on one of the most secure mobile platforms in the industry. Sybase's Support for Cisco Cius brings leading functionality to mobile application developers and IT managers, including:

Device and Application Management:

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