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July 2011

Universal Technical Institute Schedules Fiscal 2011 Third Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. July 6, 2011 Universal Technical Institute June 30, 2011 Wednesday, July 27, 2011 4:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time Kimberly McWaters Eugene Putnam

Universal Technical Institute August 8, 2011

Universal Technical Institute

Scottsdale, Arizona Universal Technical Institute the United States Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute

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Cerner Makes Healthcare Services Social with Jive

PALO ALTO, Calif. July 6, 2011 Jive Software Cerner IDG's Computerworld Honors Program uCern™ community

Brice Jewell uCern uCern

uCern uCern uCern



Robert Brown

About Cerner

the United States Twitter Facebook YouTube

About Social Business

community software collaboration software social networking software social media monitoring

About Jive – The New Way to Business

Sequoia Capital Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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Tervela Issued Foundational Patent for Data Fabric Technology

NEW YORK July 6, 2011

Barry Thompson

Mike Leeolou

Tervela's patent covers some of the most important attributes of a global data fabric solution. These attributes, having long been a core part of the Tervela solution, allow enterprise architects and developers to deploy distributed, real-time applications that scale globally, with high performance and no-loss reliability.

The technology in this patent includes the core data fabric and the following components in an overall solution:

  • Caching & Persistence
  • WAN Optimization
  • Security
  • Provisioning & Management

Demand for global, real-time data technology has increased substantially in recent years, driven by the growth of big data and cloud computing applications. Customers utilize the Tervela platform to deliver these applications with substantial cost and time-to-market savings.

About Tervela

Erin McElwain

SOURCE Tervela

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Whales, Glaciers and Disney Parks: PapiBlogger Travels from Miami to Alaska for Summer’s Ultimate Family Road Trip

MIAMI July 6, 2011 Manny Ruiz

July 8 Florida Alaska

Disney Cruise Line Alaska Yosemite National Park Elvis Presley

The Ruiz family will travel in almost every type of transportation available to the modern family.  They'll fly, "ride the rails," take a cruise and drive in the comfort of the "PapiMobile" – this year a fully decked out 2011 Buick Enclave, one of Consumer Report's 2010 "Recommended Buys" for its class.

As for the upcoming adventure, Ruiz says, "This vacation is all about creating memories and inspiring other families to be creative and adventuresome."

Walt Disney World Florida Cinderella Castle

Vancouver, B.C. Alaska Disney Wonder® Disneyland® California Miami

Roger McCormack Buick

A Soc

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Lancope and Cisco to Present on Leveraging NetFlow in the Catalyst 6500 Series for Increased Network Performance and Security

ATLANTA LAS VEGAS July 6, 2011 Cisco Live conference Lancope, Inc. July 10-14 Las Vegas StealthWatch

Mike Potts

Cisco continues to add increasingly sophisticated levels of NetFlow support to its network devices. During the presentation, experts from Lancope and Cisco will discuss how organizations can effectively leverage this increased support to transform their networks. In order to take advantage of this innovation, customers need a flow collector that can effectively capture and analyze large volumes of data to deliver actionable network intelligence. Lancope's StealthWatch System features the high levels of scalability and in-depth analysis capabilities required to meet this need.

Adam Powers

Lancope's StealthWatch fills in the gaps between other network and security technologies to provide faster troubleshooting and more secure, high-performance networks across physical and virtual environments. By collecting and analyzing flow data from existing devices, the system eliminates blind spots, cuts network and security management costs and dramatically reduces the time from problem onset to resolution. StealthWatch uncovers not only the sophisticated, zero-day attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, but also internal threats such as unauthorized access, device misconfigurations, policy violations and data leakage.

In addition to presenting with Cisco on how organizations can

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345 Games Announces the Launch of “Deadliest Warrior: Legends” Today, July 6, on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Later This Month for PlayStation Network

NEW YORK July 6, 2011 Spike Games North America Europe Australia Asia $10

Deadliest Warrior: The Game

"Deadliest Warrior: Legends" will reach beyond weapons and armor and put gamers back on the battlefield with the most legendary warriors in history.  This version will feature more content than the original game including nine heroic warriors, new fighting options, a more precise projectile system, more arenas, a new campaign mode and a strategy game (Generals), which allows players to use the battle simulator featured on-air on Spike TV's "Deadliest Warrior."   In addition to improved graphics, the new game will also feature enhanced combat options and as players complete challenges and destroy rivals, they will unlock new weapons, enhance their fighting skills and encounter the brutal realities of gritty, true-to-life combat – like breaking arms and pushing opponents into pits.   Players will also be treated to a surprise hidden character from the hit show and exclusive digital goods (i.e. avatars).

Deadliest Warrior Wednesday, July 20 10-11 p.m., ET .

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4CS to Provide Ride-a-Way With Service Contract Management Solution

WARWICK, United Kingdom July 6, 2011 Belgium the Netherlands

Diane De Maeyer

Diane added, "Most of the systems we looked at did not have the full range of functions that we needed.  We thought about developing our own software, but we knew that would take time and carry many risks.  Finally, we found 4CS, and were immediately impressed by their software and the way that they work.  The 4CS solution is very flexible and is a complete package - not only the software, but also the hosting for the online applications."

David Jobling Europe


SOURCE 4C Solutions UK Limited

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ISPASE Introduces Breakthrough Technology to Create Authentic 3D Surround Sound for All Types of Headphones

WAYNE, N.J. July 6, 2011

The iSpaSe SMK takes the stereo left and right channel of headphone sound and calculates the correct loudness and timing necessary to create a precise replica of the actual sound that a listener hears during the original live performance.

The quality and clarity of music is restored and musicians are placed in their correct locations around the listener. For video games, iSpaSe heightens the sense of reality by precisely locating each sound where the relevant action is on screen

For TV and Movies, iSpaSe is the world's first technology to need only the stereo sound from media players and streaming video to recreate the original multichannel surround sound and place it correctly around the listener to replicate the original theater experience.

The iSpaSe SMK is a small, lightweight and affordable unit that connects between headphones and media player using the standard stereo headphone connector available on all players. It is powered by two AAA batteries with an expected battery life of over 100 hours of typical use. The unit is simple to use and does not require set up or adjustment.

$49.00 U.S.A.


The iSpaSe team is a group of highly qualified and experienced media, engineering and business professionals who came together with the goal of improving the experience of watching and listening to electronic media by resolving long-standing logistical and technical issues. iSpaSe SMK is the team's first product.

<span clas

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Spectrum Wine Auctions Rounds Out June With Over $8 Million at June 25 & 26 Sale in Hong Kong and June 30 Internet Auction

IRVINE, Calif. July 6, 2011 Hong Kong June 25 July 2009 Hong Kong Richard Brierley $7.5 million HK$58.3 million $7 million June 30 $566,165 (HK$4,404,933) $8 million

Jason Boland

Bordeaux Pennsylvania Underground

Spectrum Wine Auctions Summer 2011 Auction Highlights

  • US$77,675 HK$604,598
    US$50,000 HK$380,000
  • US$50,787 HK$395,310
    US$22,500 HK$170,000
  • US$32,862 HK$255,787
    US$25,000 HK$190,000
  • US$32,862
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CodeGuard Now Available Through CloudFlare Apps

ATLANTA July 6, 2011 John Roberts

Whether targeted by black hat SEO experts seeking to drive up the search engine listings of clients, or by cybercriminals seeking to distribute malware, thousands of websites are hacked every day.  Undesired changes are made to the code, unbeknownst to the website owner.  Only after being flagged as an infected site and losing all site traffic do many site owners find they have been attacked.  

Byron Acohido

David Moeller

About CloudFlare

About CodeGuard Atlanta, Georgia

K.C. Young

SOURCE CodeGuard

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NASA Education Forum to Focus on Students’ Vision for Future

WASHINGTON July 6, 2011 Thursday, July 7 Orlando

The forum will take place one day before the final space shuttle launch and is the agency's first-ever "unconference." A popular trend in the technology sector, an unconference has no set agenda or prescribed desired outcome. Instead, it offers an opportunity for the participants, primarily college students, to guide the discussions, encouraging creative interaction and debate among the attendees.

"We want our student participants to feel free to have an open dialogue about what is important to them in the context of space exploration, aeronautics, technology and robotics," said NASA Associate Administrator for Education Leland Melvin. "Sometimes having a set agenda or discussion topic can stifle creativity. These young people are our next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers. We encourage them to reach higher, and we are anxious to hear what exciting pursuits they envision for the future."

Kennedy Space Center Florida Atlantis

August 2007 Barbara R. Morgan

For more information about NASA's education programs, visit:


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Kennedy Research Names ZS Associates’ Healthcare Practice as a Top Provider of Marketing & Sales Services to the Industry

EVANSTON, Ill. July 6, 2011

In its "Healthcare Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013" report released this spring, the market intelligence firm known for its research for and about the management and IT consulting professions recognized ZS Associates' healthcare practice as a standout in the healthcare consulting industry.  Kennedy identified ZS as a "Vanguard provider in life sciences" and the only such firm to display "advancing service breadth or depth."

In the report covering more than 20 companies, Kennedy indicated the life sciences consulting practices of six firms — including ZS Associates, McKinsey & Co. and Accenture— had the broadest or deepest services.  ZS was cited as offering "deep strategic and operational advice in quantitative analysis of sales and marketing challenges."  Kennedy reserves its Vanguard recognition for the most powerful consultancies across major industry segments.

Jaideep Bajaj

Well Known for Intellectual Capital

Kennedy identified ZS Associates' healthcare practice for its expertise in two areas of healthcare consulting: 1) sales, distribution and CRM; and 2) performance and portfolio optimization. Kennedy also recognized ZS for its service offerings in strategy and operations management, awarding the firm high marks for its strong proprietary data, data analysis capabilities and quantitative methodology that draws from the firm's heavy and continuous investment in information technology.

Andy Zoltners Prabha Sinha

Chris Wrig

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GamersFirst Launches Fallen Earth: Alpha County Expansion to Subscribers Free of Charge

IRVINE, Calif. July 6, 2011

Aro Sei

New Zone, New Objectives

The Grainway was home to some of GlobalTech's most radical experiments in bio-engineered crops, designed to grow faster, heartier and live longer than average produce, with the hope to effectively end world hunger. That is, until the Shiva virus hit, mutating the super plants into something horrific, aggressive and very hungry. After a failed attempt to settle Alpha County after the fall, the Wall was built in a desperate attempt to keep the mutation from spreading to Kaibab. A decade later, the clones have found a way to breach the wall in the search for new exploitable resources. Are you ready for the challenge that is Alpha County?

With over 75 square miles of area to explores, Alpha County extends the player level cap to 55 and provides new missions, exotic recipes, craft able gear, two completely new town events and a new conflict town, Blockade. In Blockade, players can fight for control of rare resources as well as the crucial southern access road. Alpha County will feature a new ecology, more dangerous critters and mysterious buildings to punctuate the tragedy and horror found behind the Wall.

New Armor, Weapons and Tools for the Wastelands

With a new zone and new challenges comes new and rediscovered technology. Alpha County is giving crafters, science enthusiasts and other enterprising entrepreneurs all new toys to create and sell. New beatsticks, guns and tailor-colored Hexweave and Mesoprene armored suits are now available for discovery, creation and sale. The new weapons will

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Jusung Engineering and MEMC Announce High Efficiency Solar Cell Production Strategic Partnership

ST. PETERS, Mo. July 6, 2011

$16 million

Ken Hannah

Mr. CJ Hwang, CEO of Jusung commented, "We are excited to partner with an industry leader such as MEMC.  While this is a new partnership for Jusung, our goal is unchanged – to develop innovative equipment technologies to delight our customers."

In addition to the cell manufacturing joint venture, MEMC and Jusung's strategic partnership allows the companies to market this low cost, high efficiency cell platform to key strategic cell manufacturing partners in the drive towards grid parity.

About Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.

About MEMC

Europe Asia SunEdison

Forward Looking Statements

$16 million

SOURCE MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.; Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.

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