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July 2011

PCB Leader Mass Design Awarded Medical Device Manufacturing Certification ISO 13485:2003

NASHUA, N.H. July 27, 2011

ISO 13485:2003 is an internationally recognized accreditation that establishes protocols to assure the safety, quality and performance of medical devices – including components such as the PCBs that are at the heart of devices ranging from pacemakers to MRI machines.

Paul Boduch (

ISO 13485:2003 specifies a quality management system and record-keeping standards needed to meet customer and regulatory requirements applicable to the manufacture medical devices and components. The recent certification is in addition to the quality processes and standards Mass Design adopted under the broader and more widely recognized ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing standard.

"Our people are to be commended for developing the internal audit system, spot check mechanisms, and communication protocols needed to meet ISO 13485 standards. The new medical certification adds value to our printed circuit board products and the Mass Design brand and serves to increase customer confidence globally," added Boduch.


Moreover, Mass Design has been leading the way with flexible circuit board technology that allows medical device manufacturers to cram more functionality into smaller spaces while enhancing reliability. Flexible circuit boards integrate circuitry and wiring into a single unit that can conform to just about any shape. For example, Mass Design produces flexible circuit boards for prosthetic limb manufacturers.

"ISO 13485 will play a key role in our sales growth, which increased 18% this year in the medical

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Sunrise Telecom Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results

SAN JOSE, Calif. July 27, 2011 June 30, 2011

$6.4 million $8.9 million $5.5 million $6.0 million $(2.2) million $(0.04) $(0.2) million $(1.7) million $0.0 million June 30, 2010

North America

Bahaa Moukadam

In the second quarter, Sunrise Telecom announced several new RxT modules which represent the first single-platform for mobile backhaul field verification.  TMCLabs has honored the RxT mobile backhaul solution with a 2011 Innovation Award, exemplifying the best and the most unique products and services that this industry has to offer.

Bahaa Moukadam

$1.0 million

About Sunrise Telecom

San Jose, California [email protected]

Use of Forward-Looking Statements

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FARO Invites You to Join Its Second Quarter 2011 Conference Call

LAKE MARY, Fla. July 27, 2011 August 3, 2011 July 2, 2011 11:00 a.m. ET Jay Freeland Keith Bair


When: 11:00 a.m. ET


Dial-in Numbers:

Conference ID: October 4, 2011

FARO Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, and markets portable, computerized measurement devices and software used to create digital models – or to perform evaluation and analysis against an existing model – for anything requiring highly detailed 3-D measurements, including part and assembly inspection, factory planning and asset documentation, as well as specialized applications ranging from surveying, recreating accident sites and crime scenes to digitally preserving historical sites.

FARO's technology increases productivity by dramatically reducing the amount of on-site measuring time, and the various industry-specific software packages enable users to process and present their results quickly and more effectively.

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EV Group Breaks Ground for Headquarters Expansion Due to Increased Customer Demand

ST. FLORIAN Austria July 27, 2011 EV Group (EVG) Austria

Werner Thallner

The new building, located directly adjacent to the existing manufacturing facility, will more than double the company's production floor space and is scheduled to be completed before the end of this year.  In parallel with the expansion, EVG continues to invest in additional capacity for its machining center and new manufacturing technologies, as well as plans to further modernize the existing manufacturing facility.  One upgrade includes the installation of several filter fan units, which will bring a virtually particle-free environment to EV Group's entire equipment production.  In addition, the entire manufacturing area will be fully air-conditioned and additional hydraulic ramps and a large overhead crane will be installed to provide a better working environment for its employees.

EVG's customers will also have access to a new area dedicated for visitors, which houses two glass domes that provide a complete view into the manufacturing area and a sophisticated entry control system.  Additional test rooms will facilitate customer-specific process development and customization, including a smooth source inspection process even at times of increased orders.

New Employment at EV Group

"careers section"

About EV Group (EVG)

EV Group (EVG) is a world leader in wafer-processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnolog

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Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. Second Quarter 2011 Results

ISTANBUL July 27, 2011

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC, ISE: TCELL) Turkey June 30, 2011

Please note that all financial data is consolidated and comprises Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S., (the "Company", or "Turkcell") and its subsidiaries and associates (together referred to as the "Group"). All non-financial data is unconsolidated and comprises Turkcell only. The terms "we", "us", and "our" in this press release refer only to the Company, except in discussions of financial data, where such terms refer to the Group, and where context otherwise requires.

Highlights of the Quarter

  • Group revenue increased by 7.6% quarter-on-quarter due to momentum gained over the period, leading to a 1.7% year-on-year rise to TRY2,279.2 million (TRY2,241.2 million).

  • Turkey

  • Turkcell Turkey's mobile internet revenues continued to grow by 55.3% to TRY166.3 million (TRY107.1 million).

  • The contribution of Group subsidiaries to the top line improved to 13.3% (11.4%). Specifically, Turkcell Superonline revenues rose 29.4% to TRY104.7 million (TRY80.9 million).

  • [ 1] <
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MagnaChip Reports Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results

SEOUL, South Korea CUPERTINO, Calif. July 27, 2011 June 30, 2011

$203.7 million $187.9 million $194.7 million

$66.2 million $56.5 million $64.5 million

Sang Park

$31.6 million $0.78 $22.5 million $0.57 $30.7 million $0.81

$22.5 million $0.56 $15.7 million $0.40 $25.7 million $0.68

Management believes that non-GAAP financial measures, when viewed in conjunction with GAAP results, can provide a more meaningful understanding of the factors and trends affecting MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation's business and operations. However, such non-GAAP financial measures have limitations and should not be considered as a substitute for net income or as a better indicator of our operating performance than measures that are presented in accordance with GAAP.

$177.8 million $16.4 million</spa

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ISSI Announces Third Fiscal Quarter 2011 Results

SAN JOSE, Calif. July 27, 2011 June 30, 2011

Fiscal Third Quarter Highlights:

  • $69.8 million March 2011
  • $0.28 $0.34
  • $16.8 million
  • March 2011 June 2010
  • ®
  • Released 512Mb SDR and DDR Mobile DRAMs targeted for automotive, portable medical, industrial and mobile communication applications.

June 30, 2011 $69.8 million $65.3 million $4.5 million March 2011 June 2010 March 2011 June 2010 March 2011 June 2010

$8.1 million $0.28 $5.8 million $0.20 March 2011 $16.0 million $0.57 June 2010

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Mortgage Rates Fall According to the LendingTree Weekly Mortgage Rate Pulse

CHARLOTTE, N.C. July 27, 2011

July 26 home loan rates

On the same day, the lowest mortgage rates offered by lenders on the LendingTree network were 4.375 percent (4.51% APR) for a 30-year fixed mortgage, 3.375 percent (3.61% APR) for a 15-year fixed mortgage and 2.75 percent (3.04% APR) for a 5/1 ARM.  

Mona Marimow

lowest mortgage rates


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Joint Center: Increased Consumer Education and Choice Needed to Address Privacy Concerns for New Internet Users, Forum Participants Say

WASHINGTON July 27, 2011 Washington

The New Digital Profile: Managing Privacy in an Evolving, Mobile Internet, Washington, D.C.

Panel members stressed that education is critical to raising both awareness and transparency for consumers as innovation has established multiple platforms where a person's data is collected, aggregated and stored.  This is especially true of new adopters, people of color, seniors and low-income populations.

Ralph B. Everett

A recent broadband study by the Joint Center found that 28 percent of African American Internet users have been online for less than five years, as compared to 18 percent of white users.

Danny Sepulveda John Kerry

According to the Federal Communications Commission, nearly 100 million Americans do not use broadband, and many non-users have cited privacy as a significant concern.  Panelists agreed that online privacy policies should be more accessible to consumers, even on mobile devices, and companies should be more transparent in the data being collected.  

Differences emerged, however, around the expectations for future legislation.  Link Hoewing, Vice President of Internet and Technology Policy at Verizon, said that any framework for policy legislation should be based on "norms and ground rules that promote innovation while protecting consumer interests."

Timothy Robinson Bobby Rush

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SEP sesam’s Xen & Now is Trusted to Enhance Citrix Networking and Virtualization Solutions

BOULDER, Colo. July 27, 2011

The Citrix Ready program makes it easy for customers to identify complementary products and solutions that can enhance Citrix environments. Customers can be confident that all SEP sesam products have successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix and can be trusted to work effectively with Citrix XenServer in order to reliably backup Citrix guests in the fastest time possible.

Using the SEP sesam GUI, a user can simply search for any VM, perform either an instant restore or schedule the restore for a specific time. The VM can be restored to the same location or to a different location, including both virtual and physical servers. Once restored, the server is automatically restarted containing all files, configuration and activation of all third party software.  Unlike competing products designed only for virtual backup, the new Xen & Now module is fully integrated into the extensive backup libraries for SEP sesam and its implementation is easy. When installing SEP sesam, the software automatically recognizes the virtual XenServers and integrates them into the main backup topology. The user can then further tune his system to select the VMs that need to be secured and where their data should be stored.

SEP sesam's Xen & Now is an agent-less (Easy Access Technology Solution). To attain the full file-level restore capability of SEP sesam, a client can be installed on the target VM and the data will be stored at file level. Documents lost can be restored directly to the user or a target VM.

Additional features include Windows VSS snapshots, data en

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ARRIS Announces Preliminary and Unaudited Second Quarter 2011 Results

SUWANEE, Ga. July 27, 2011

$265.8 million $280.4 million $267.4 million $533.2 million $547.1 million

$0.24 $0.24 $0.16 $0.40 $0.48

$0.13 $0.15 $0.09 $0.23 $0.30

Gross margin for the second quarter 2011 was 40.2%, which compares to the second quarter 2010 gross margin of 40.4% and the first quarter 2011 gross margin of 36.3%.

$591.5 million $71.9 million $28.1 million $57.6 million $31.4 million $27.8 $35.2 million $83.4

$154.2 million $174.1 million $177.5 million

Bob Stanzione


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