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February 11, 2013

Expanding Your IT Skills

Today, the IT job market is looking for professionals with expertise in new IT skills to meet the growing demands for skilled professionals in the industry. Knowing just the basic IT skills such as how to use MS office, or open an Internet browser to find information will no longer help you get a job, or grow in your career. The IT skills that make you successful today are continuously at risks of being outdated. Because of this, you need to improve and expand your IT skills by learning the use of new applications to survive and grow in your career.

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10 Great Paid Software Applications

New software applications are often required to add to the functionality of your machines, improve their efficiency, and enhance their security. Frank Johnson lists a few good applications for users of Windows and Mac based systems. If you wonder as to what software and applications would be best for your devices and do not mind shelling out some money for same, here are a few good options that you may like to consider: 1) GoToMyPC – This is a practical application for Window based PCs as well as Mac Notebooks.

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How to Recognize Cyber Fraud

Fraud is a crime in which the criminal deliberately gives someone false information. This is done in the hopes of inducing the person to give him or her money or valuables. In cyber fraud the Internet or a mobile phone is used to accomplish the goal.

There are many variations of cyber fraud.  Three of the most common variants use online auctions, classified ads, and what calls the Grandparent Scam.

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