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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your MacBook

It’s safe to say your Mac is the best laptop you’ve ever had. That’s a given, but despite being your Mac’s #1 fan, you probably aren’t aware of all of its quirks. Take a look at the following interesting things you can do with your MacBook to see just how impressive it can be.
1. Broaden Your Vocabulary

This would have been a game changer back in college when you were cramming for a mid-termlast minute. Alas, it wasn’t meant for you, but at least those youngsters still in school get to benefit. The latest Pro’s come equipped with a handy defining feature that helps you parse through arduous text, aka everything from your senior year. Whenever there’s a word you don’t understand, line up your mouse to hover over the word and then tap the touchpad with three fingers. This will open a small tab that outlines the word’s meaning, origin, and synonyms. It will also provide helpful links to Wikipedia so you can read up on the subject.

2. Sign Off With A Perfect Emoji

Don’t try to hide it. We all love to send ridiculous emojis whenever we’re talking to the squad, but there’s always been a disconnect whenever we sign into our group chat, Twitter, or Gmail using our Macs. Now you don’t have to live with the disappointment of emoji-less messages. Hover your cursor over the area you want to drop your emoji and press command, control, and space bar. This will launch a window that holds all of the emojis you could possibly send.

It’s even easier when you’re dealing with the latest Pros, as the Touch Bar is already set up to offer emojis whenever you’re using apps like Mail or Messages. Go emoji wild, and read up on what your signature choice of emoji says about your personality.

3. Customize Its Looks

Save for minor differences in size and weight, most Macs share a similar style that can make it hard to stand out from the crowd. For those who pride themselves on their individuality, this can be a point of contention every time they boot up in a Starbucks full of silver Macs. Luckily, it’s not a fate you have to suffer for much longer, as long as you check out vinyl skins, wraps, or decals for your MacBook.

You can customize a whole wardrobe of MacBook skins that look awesome enough to show off to friends, family, and strangers. If you’re looking for premium styles check out the skins from dbrand. Their huge collection of MacBook Pro skins includes exclusive styles you can’t get anywhere else. From trendy marble to geek-chic carbon fiber skins, there’s a look that can win over any sense of style.

4. Cut The Baloney

The modern world consumes a mind boggling amount of content every day. The globe spends a billion hours each day on YouTube. Yes, you read that right. A billion hours a day. Meanwhile, the average American reads roughly 20 minutes a day. Throw that in your calculator and you’ll realize that’s approximately 6.4 trillion minutes spent reading each day. That’s a lot to take in, and psychologists are claiming this is actually bad for our brains. We’re still low tech beings who haven’t evolved as quickly as our technology or our curiosity.

Give yourself a break the next time you have to read a huge piece of text online (like the Apple terms and conditions, for example) by enabling Mac’s summary option. Head over to System Preferences and click Keyboard to take you to Shortcuts. Under Services, scroll until you see summarize and make sure it’s ticked off. The next time you highlight a chunk of text and right click, you’ll have the option of paraphrasing its contents and saving a ton of time.

5. Waste Even More Time

Okay, we admit. As long as you have the Internet, you’ll never want for ways to distract you from your existential dread, but what about those times your router acts up or you find yourself in a public place that somehow doesn’t have WiFi?

Rather than let your angst take over, turn to your Touch Bar for a distraction. Software developers have created code that lets you play quite a few games on the bar itself. Our favorite is Google’s jumping T-Rex game, but you can set up your Mac to play Pong, Pac Man, and even Doom on the Touch Bar.

Your MacBook has a rich inner life that we’re willing to bet you don’t know anything about. It’s a shame, considering how much you rely on your laptop to get through the day. It’s about time you learn a little bit about the machine that you use so often. Show it some respect by using this guide as a stepping stone towards unlocking all of its secrets.

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