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5 Tips To Selecting The Right IT Services Company 

5 Tips To Selecting The Right IT Services Company  

There is no question about it—no matter what industry you are in, tech is becoming increasingly important. You need to depend on your system to operate smoothly and quickly. You have to trust that your data is backed up and secure. IT security is paramount to the success of your business. Many small- to medium-sized businesses choose to outsource their IT teams. But, not all tech firms are the same. So where do you start?

The right Atlanta tech company will provide the IT services you need when you need them. Here are 7 things you will want to do to end up with the right fit for your brand.

Find a Qualified Team

Team is the key word here—sole technicians or one-man shops can be disastrous in certain situations. When you experience a tech emergency, how quickly will you be able to reach your tech? And one qualified tech with a few interns or assistants won’t work either. If your tech is sick, who will take his or her place? A great firm will likely have different techs that are able to provide expert perspectives at different points.

Interview Perspective Teams

Set up an interview to meet your outsourced IT Atlanta team. When you meet the techs, make sure you know which one will be primarily working with your account. Some firms will do a tricky bait-and-switch by having you meet top level techs and then having lower level techs be the primary members working on your account. You should get to know who would take your account if your primary contact was out, on vacation or sick.

Choose a Team with Experience

Not all industries and businesses have the same tech requirements or needs. You want a team that has experience with working with a business your size so they are familiar with the hardware and software you need to operate correctly without excessive equipment. You need a firm that is familiar with the laws and tech expectations in your industry.

Consider Your Company Goals

You will have an idea of where you are taking your business, so you need a tech team that will be part of that process. Set specific goals and consider what finances you can invest toward great IT. When you know your intent, you will have an easier time finding the right fit.

Talk to References

Once you find a team that works with similar businesses to yours, you will want to get some recommendations from their clients. Find out what they do well and where they might fall short. You need to know the potential failures of a team to see if it is something that will cause a huge disrupt. Finding a team with glowing reviews in light of emergencies and disaster is obviously ideal. Your Atlanta IT managed services group should have a great local reputation. They shouldn’t nickel and dime their customers with unnecessary upgrades and sneaky fees, but they should keep them covered and work towards proactive security.

If you are looking for a great Atlanta IT Services Team, set up a meeting with us and let’s see how we fit! We are proud to offer cybersecurity, backup solutions and disaster recovery for Atlanta businesses like yours!


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