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5 Ways Technology Is Inextricable from Business

5 Ways Technology Is Inextricable from BusinessNowadays, it’s difficult to think about business without thinking about technology. Indeed, it would be impossible for you to receive phone calls from clients, to accept a package from UPS, or even to turn on the lights in some cases without technology. The use of technology has made business more efficient in the long run, and business can’t do without it. Here are five ways in which business and technology are inextricably linked.

1. Outsourcing and SEO

Business owners that want to have a presence on the web these days can’t ignore search engine optimization or SEO. At the moment, good SEO on a website trumps the amount of traffic it could get from sharing on social media. Your business can’t do without it. However, learning how to optimize your website takes time and often money that many business owners don’t have. To combat this, consider white label or private label SEO.

Not familiar with white label SEO? Here’s an example to better illustrate this concept. Let’s say that you’re a freelance web designer, and you want to offer SEO as part of your services. You don’t know SEO. You can take advantage of white hat SEO by hiring a firm that specializes in this. The professionals in this firm will create your SEO campaigns for your clients. You’ll deliver the services to your clients under your business name. You and the SEO company split the money earned from the transaction. Your clients remain unaware that it was a third party that created the SEO.

2. Google Hangouts and Skype

5 Ways Technology Is Inextricable from Business 2Communication technology has always played a central role in business. Aside from the obvious candidates (a phone system), communication technology has opened up the world to business. Although many business owners still use cell phones and landlines in their international communication, technologies like Skype and Google Hangouts even the playing field from a financial standpoint.

Skype to Skype calls are free, and very cheap—around $.02 a minute—if it’s used as a phone. Google Hangouts are free. In functionality, they act as video phones, but with a twist. Even if business partners are separated by an ocean and an international dateline, communicating with one another won’t break the bank if these technologies are used.

3. Marketing and Advertising

It used to be that print, TV, and radio ads were king, according to an article on Nowadays, business owners are doing a lot of their marketing online. And marketing in the modern world is very tied to technology, which is directly tied in some respects to your SEO efforts. Content marketing is playing a bigger and bigger role in online marketing campaigns. Business owners like you are writing blog posts that in some way help visitors find answers for their questions.

These posts not only increase your visibility and credibility as a subject-matter expert, but they allow you to add names to your mailing list. But even the lowly mailing list and newsletter has gone high tech. Most of the time, newsletters are sent via email instead of by snail mail, with email being, of course, another modern technology that your business can’t do without.

4. Day-to-Day Efficiency

Software now exists that tracks business expenses, employee time sheets and work shifts, and other elements. In the past, these duties were done, often painstakingly, by hand. They took many hours to complete, especially tasks like scheduling a large number of employees or doing the end-of-the-month payroll. Using business technology frees up your time for other activities like marketing and advertising.

5. Working Outside the Office

5 Ways Technology Is Inextricable from Business 3More and more businesses are opting to send their employees home to work for at least part of the work day if not all of it. Doing so saves the company money in a number of ways, including allowing the business owner to save cash on desk space, phone lines, computers, and other technologies. All of this is made possible by technology.

It’s difficult to think about business in the 21st century without a lot of tech gadgets and mobile apps. From the SEO you use to attract visitors to your website to the payroll software that helps you get your employee checks out on payday, these days your business can’t do without technology.

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