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6D “TECHNOLOGY OF THE GODs” 1.0 to 5.0 Released at

Key to Knowledge", "Genius Switch" & "Search" Tools for "HYWY 101© Map" Free Home Printed Edition available! .

" A New 6D Classification & Organizing System for automated thinking, learning, understanding and using All Knowledge. " Free Home Printed Edition now available!


HYWY 101©"

The Company will release the Next Generation of Products, which fully automates the Main 18 and all 800+ Sub Branches of Knowledge for use with electronic devices within a week. A 3rd. Generation, Fully-Automated for a 6-9+ Dimensional Electronic and 3DTV Version, with 20+ Branches of Knowledge presented in a Holographic Matrix Sphere will be released in Months.

Fred Wiebe’s "HYWY 101©"

"HYWY 101©"

"HYWY 101©"

3.0 Now imagine a small bit of knowledge that you want to find in much the same way as you would think of that destination address above, we can help you know how to travel down the Information Highway, taking turns at various "Branches and Sub-branches of Knowledge", and eventually you get to the very piece of information you are seeking.

"HYWY 101©"

5.0 When our products are interfaced with a device screen, users will be able to get a 4+ Dimensional Visualization increase in using Knowledge, over conventional technologies, to easily see how all things connect, behind, through, like a matrix inside a sphere, which literally wraps around all knowledge, and becomes a complete circle of logic, displaying all the interrelations between all knowledge and all of the sciences, viewed on any 2D surface or display. With a 3D Visual Device (TV), we can use all "Knowledge", and operate, function and/or visualize in an 8+ Dimensional Context, 4+Dimensions higher than ever possible before.

"Classification" Systems

"Classification" Systems 6+Dimensional "HYWY 101©" Map of Knowledge

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